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Jun 13, 2010

This is my story  13/7/2010

I'm 45 yrs old married with 1 son i live in the UK in Suffolk i have just be accepted for surgery and am waiting for a date but it could be October onwards before it happens.

I'm only 4'10inches tall and weigh almost 20st which I'm not happy about, i tried many diets and the most i ever lost was 3and half stone but eventually i put that back on and more besides, since i have been married i have put on approx 8 st  i was then a size 14/16 now I'm a 28 and ashamed i like to look good when i go out and most the time i do, i always ask my son's advice and hubby's as to what i am wearing and they are really good in telling me if it's good or bad.

I suffer from depression i also have 4 slipped disc's trapped nerve and osteoarthritis ( spelling sorry ) in both my knee's so i find it very had to get around, i sweat terribly and get embarrassed by it,

14th July 2010

I think the hardest thing apart from my son knowing about the op was how to tell my brothers, i said to my husband "what if they are against what i am doing i will loose them" But they needed to know what i was planning and i wanted them to know before anyone else.
I took my sister-in-law and my brother to one side when i was at my nieces for a BBQ burst into tears and told them what i was having done, how worried i was about what they was thinking telling them i was doing it for my health and not vanity to help with my back and other things, my brother had tears in his eyes and said "yvette go for it you need to get a better quality of life for yourself don't worry what others think if they don't understand then they are now your friends or the sort of people you need to have around"  my sister-in-law said " f**k what others say its for you not them" and hugged me then my brother gave me a hug too and doing that i knew he was behind me ............God what was i worrying about lol......
The next day i went to see my other brother, when i rang to say i was going to come see them my sister-in-law thought immediatley there was something wrong as we dont get to see each other much, and the same again i cried told them my intentions my brother said "i wouldn't put myself through it but good luck to you gal behind you all the way"

TO BE CONTINUED......................................

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