November 18, 2008 - 4 year anniversary. I'm going through metopause. I've had a really hard time with it, hot flashes, night sweats became unbearable so I started HRT and gained 17 lbs in a matter of a month. The scale does not move off 160, but actually, I feel good. At 143 I had the turkey neck thing going, at 160 I'm more filled out and still in a size 12. I had been in a really tight size 8 and a true size 10. It was nice, but I'm happy holding my own size 12. I still am diligent, no sugar, ever, and protein and water all the time. I eat several times a day, small meals, protein bar for breakfast, cheese stick or yogert during the morning, my breadless sandwich for lunch, and another protein bar or a piece of fruit. I eat a light dinner, I seem to get fuller at night. All is well, it's the best thing I ever did for me. 

May 28, 2007

Holding steady at 145ish. I went shopping today and bought size 10 Lee chino's for work and a few size M shirts and blouses. I'm healing well from PS and really have had no complications. I'm still wearing compression garmets and look forward to the day when we burn them.  

May 26, 2007

Had a great day today,  we took the fairy to Block Island, RI., rented a moped for 2 hours and saw the sights. Very cool. Today I got on the scale, 143. I'm pleased with the results of the anchor TT, I have slight swelling and no complications. For that I'm grateful. Need to go shopping, again, all my size 12's are getting really big on me. I'm looking forward to not wearing compression garmets / binders soon. I'm over 4 weeks post op and the compression 24/7 is getting old, and it's getting hot out. I purchased one from raineywear and it's good under clothes.

May 21, 2007

Well, I seem to have lost years of data below. So, I'll update here with some new info. I had an anchor cut TT on April 23, 2007. I've lost 15 lbs since surgery; he removed 5 lbs on the pannis. All is well after some rough moments, i.e. getting very bound up and then 3 weeks post op developing pneumonia. Today’s weight, 145!


February 2004 - I met with the CBS Surgical Group from Meriden/Southington. I liked Doctor Benbrahim and his office staff. He is just starting the program at Midstate Medical Center, and his 1st surgery is scheduled for April. Dennis his office assistant schedules all appointments, and he seems very dedicated. I am meeting next week with the nutrionist and psychologist. Dr. Benbrahim studied with Dr. Reinhold from NH in medical school. He is a laproscopic surgeon doing gastric bypasses.

Weight, about 230, at my heaviest, with my darling son.  


March 19th - Submitted all the paperwork to CIGNA POS. I'm in the waiting mode. Had a chest x-ray and ultrasound. Need to do a 5-day ketosis diet. Need to see 4 other specialists. Wish I could find someone to talk to that is also thinking about Midstate Medical Center and Dr. Benbrahim. I'm sure as time goes on I will via this site.

March 25th - I received my first rejection letter. I'm so disapointed. Dennis at Dr. Ben's office ensured me that we will appeal. They want to see 6 months of diet history under the supervision of a Doctor. We need to dig deep in my records; I know the info is there. Made appointments today with the cardiologist, the pulmonary specialist and with the doctor who will do the colonoscopy for April 16th.

Today is April 13, still no word from CIGNA. My doctor is reviewing my file for an appeal. I just came off the 5 day diet from hell, 3 cups of beef or chicken broth a day with 9 oz of meat, 3oz at each meal, per day, black coffee or diet stuff. I lost 6 lbs in 5 days. They do this to see if you have the will but I think it's more psychological, since I lost weight, why not try again to diet and not put your self through this. Really messes with you head.

August 1 - Greetings, it's been awhile since I've wrote in here. My surgery date is scheduled for August 24th, but I am still not approved with CIGNA, so that will not happen. Cigna agreed that I should do 3 more months of a doctor’s supervised diet. I was eating about 1300 calories a day, and lost 1/2 a pound the first month. Then I started up with the treadmill, walking at least 1.5 miles every day. I lost one lb. the second month, yesterday I went back, and gained a pound. So, in three months I'm down half a pound. At this rate when I'm 120 years old I may be at a normal body weight! Meanwhile, I'm on synthroid for my under active thyroid, and now I'm on glucofoge for my diabetes. Dennis at Dr. Ben’s office will send in the final appeal letter next week and ask for a 48-hour decision. If I'm again denied, I will wait until the fall, and dump CIGNA. I asked my doctor about the quality of insurance companies, and he put Anthem Blue Cross at the top, followed by ConnCare, and CIGNA at the bottom rung. After this, I can see why. More to come...

Today is September 22. I have a doctors appointment on October 1st, this will be the end of my 6 months of a Doctor's supervised diet so I can ask Cigna for a 3rd appeal. I lost 4 lbs and gained 3 for a grand total of 1 lb down in 6 months. Whowee! I will know by the 1st week of October if Cigna will approve my case, at long last. This has been such a long wait.

October 3, 2004 - Went to the Doctor, I have one more month of his supervised diet. Guess I calculated wrong. Have an appointment on November 5th...we shall see. I'm back to square one on weight, right where I started 5 months ago.

YAHOO!!!! Today is November 4th and Dennis just called me at 6:00pm. I'VE BEEN APPROVED BY CIGNA, with one day to go until the deadline when I could have changed insurance companies. This was down to the wire. My date is Nov. 16th. I'm going on a business trip Nov. 10 - 12. This is going to be tight with pre-op appointments. I AM BEYOND ELATED!! I sent Dennis a "Cookies by Design" basket with bears dressed as doctors and nurses and a cookie that said your berry nice. He has been a primary supporter and coordinator of this, and the guy does not miss a thing. Dr. Benbrahim told me that my case made Dennis cry, he was so exicited that I received approval after such a long wait.

November 5th - Dennis called me at work and told me to be at the hospital by 2:00. I had blood work, spoke to admissions, met with the anesthesiologist, had a cardiogram and had them check for oxygen in my blood. Now that hurt! I had all these tests within two hours and was back to work by 4:10. It's just amazing how they can move you through the system when they need to. I can't believe that in less than two weeks I'll be on the other side.

November 13...
I’m 3 days away from surgery. The anesthesiologist asked if I wanted an epidural. He must not have explained it very well. When our friends were over last night we discussed this and they said I was nuts not to have one. They claimed that the epidural does not hurt, and you need less anesthesia so your chances of coming out of surgery very nauseous are diminished.
On another note, I’m pretty apprehensive. Not so much with the actual procedure and not so much if I will be successful and lose the pounds. It’s the long term; after all I’m rearranging the plumbing that was intended. How will I be 5 or 10 years down the road? I guess I have the pre-op jitters. I was on a business trip yesterday, returning from Louisville, and thought I was having a panic attack. Not from the flight, just the thought of the impending procedure.

November 15th, one day to go…just drank my fleet, gag! I'm so excited and nervous too. We went to see our son this weekend; he is in college in Boston. I hugged him goodbye and got in the car and just lost it. I've been through a lot of surguries in my life, you would think I would get used to going under the knife. Thank God for my better half.

November 19th
What an emotional roller coaster. I’m home from the hospital. I’m so glad that someone on this site told me to get an epidural. What a lifesaver because when they took it out two days post op I was glad to have had it. The surgery went well. They gave me a shot before they took me to the OR, and I don’t remember a thing after that except waking up and not vomiting. That was a first. I went to ICU and don’t remember too much. My procedure was done lap. After the first day in ICU I spent 3 more days in the hospital. My surgery was on a Tuesday and I was sent home on Friday. While in the hospital on day 2 I got my peroid and had a very hard time reaching, your so filled up with air. On day 3 my IV's become infiltrated. My hands swelled up like balloons. It took 3 days for the swelling to go down. Not fun. The epidural was a lifesaver; they took it out on Wednesday and gave me Tylenol with codeine for the pain. Most of the pain is from gas and being bloated, oh yes, and cramps from my period, talk about adding insult to injury! My pants didn’t fit going home, I sent my husband to find sweats with a tie in the waist, and he came back with a 3x, good thing. I have 15 staples and had a drain, which the doctor pulled on Friday. I thought that would hurt, not too bad, just sort of weird, there is so much tubing. I took a shower on Friday in the hospital, heaven on earth, and went home.

Nov 21 - What a difference a few days makes. We go to the doctor tomorrow to get out the staples. I'm feeling well, a little confused regarding this stage 3 diet and all the vitamins I'm taking. The bloating is going down, slowly. I'm able to get into bed by myself and I'm getting about pretty well, looking forward to what's ahead. Oh, I was able to get my rings back on today; my hands are back to normal. I told my husband that I saw a medical alert bracelet that says “bariatric surgery patient, no NG tube”. (I think it means if you’re ever in a situation where you need to have your stomach pumped. I need to ask my doctor because I’m not really sure). The point is that it always can come full circle back to 14K jewelry. See, the silver lining to all situations thing.

The cough I will never forget...
Today I am 5 – 6 days post op. This evening I experienced a very deep guttural cough. It made me realize how fragile my guts are. I had a pain, it was indescribable. I didn’t do damage because the after effect was not any more painful, just an echo of the original pain. It was definitely on the left, most likely at the site where the intestine meets with the new stomach pouch, or somewhere there, I'm not sure. I also have pain on my right, but those are incision site pains. This was feeling the bruising deep in the guts. Only those who have felt such pain could possibly know. I can imagine it's up there with being stabbed. Moral of story, unless you want to get in touch with your inner self, don't cough deeply at 5-6 days post op.
Anyway, it is now 12:30am. Again, I can't sleep; the pain meds give me wild dreams. I am such a side sleeper. Don't try sleeping on your side after this surgery, it will not happen. On a much better note, today was the first day I felt the weight loss. It’s a wonderful feeling, when you know that you have dropped a few pounds. You can just tell, my face and wrists look smaller. I’ve made the right decision, I just need to give myself time to heal. We had friends over for spinach lasagna, salad and Italian bread. It really, really did not bother me at all. I had my 4oz of Jell-O, water, and my 2oz of carnation no sugar added breakfast drink. I was satisfied, physically and mentally knowing that at that moment in time I didn’t miss the big meal. Again, I attribute this to knowing that this is going to work, and that I've made the commitment. I've crossed the emotional bridge with food. Trust me, my head has been playing games with me and food, like 4 days post op and wanting a handful of cashew nuts. It may have been the pain medication, or may be I'm nuts! The desire passed quick. I know this is worth it. Eventually I will be able to eat somewhat normal, and make much better decisions on what goes into my mouth. I did not rearrange the plumbing that was intended to make bad food choices going forward.

Nov 22
Had a great day, went to the doctor and had 14 staples removed. One of the incision sites opened and oozed. Not a big deal, it’s not infected just looks nasty. Lost 5.2 pounds in 6 days! The doctor asked if I wanted to move to puree, stage 4. I told him I'm good being on stage 3 for another week. I feel I need time to heal and let the swelling and bloating go down. Folks need to know that this really plays havoc with your insides. I’m still feeling bruised from the inside out, but everyday I’m feeling 100% better. It’s amazing how the body heals. By the way, I have a very high tolerance for pain. I will say this again and again, this is not the type of procedure to be entered into lightly without doing all your preop work and knowing that your OK in the head for making this decision. We are having family over for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to be with my family and entertain again. I told my husband that this is not going to change who we are, we both love to cook and have friends over for meals. I'm loving this. I feel in control of my emotional eating, I’m excited about the results and the health benefits and feel I’m in the right place mentally. I’ve had years of large meals, and it is not bothering me to see others indulge; actually it gives me pleasure knowing that I’m on my way to a healthier me. Oh, I'm off all diabetes medication!

Nov. 24th, I went for a ride in the car with my husband because I was getting house batty. I needed a 2005 planner to get my next 6 months of doctor’s appointments on, and it seemed like a great excuse to get out of the house. On the way home we came over a hill and there was a cop ambush looking for seatbelts. Normally, I always wear mine, we were on back roads, and I’m swollen and airy, etc., I know, I know, no excuses. So, my darling says to me, quick, put on your seat belt. I reached to get it quick and got it on just in time. When I did this, (now I know why they say not to drive), I moved too quick and let me tell you, my body made me very aware that I moved to quick. Aside from the jab in the gut, I hurt an old shoulder injury and now it’s killing me. It’s almost funny, after what I’ve been through my biggest complaint is the pain in the shoulder. There is no mercy!

Nov. 28th, I go to the doctor tomorrow. Two incisions have been draining consistently. My scale shows about 20 lbs lost in 13 days. It seems so surreal. I’ll up date tomorrow. I started puree today. I've never been so exicited over cottage cheeze before.

11/29 - Went to the doctor. He said to keep on puree for 2 weeks. I've discovered that puree chicken, fish, etc. all comes out brown and pretty gross. Will stick with soup, yougert, etc.

12/2 - I have been living on shakes, cottage cheese, ricotta with splenda and cinnamon and scrambled eggs with feta. I’m sick of Jell-O. Today I made my first powdered shake with Atkins chocolate and put a banana in it with soymilk. Pretty yucky. I mentioned to the doctor that I’ve yet to feel full, which is somewhat disappointing. I can eat a whole scrambled egg, I take my time doing it, and I’m satisfied, but not full. Today I had:
B – 2 oz cottage cheese
S – 2 oz carnation instant breakfast
L – 2 oz ricotta with splenda and cinnamon
S – 2 oz carnation instant breakfast
D – A scrambled egg with ½ tsb. L/F feta. Then, after dinner I went to the refrigerator and had 1oz of the shake I made. I feel as if I cheated and this concerns me. I sent a post to the ladies on this site for help. I hope I get some responses, I guess the pressure of all these changes and of being successful is getting to me.

12/3, My husband weighed me today. At home on my scale I'm under 200. I haven't seen a number like that in 25 years! After reading some of the posts on this site, I'm grateful that I'm dealing with this OK, that I'm not sick to my stomach and that I'm not hungry as some others are and resolve to fight the few head cravings I'm getting. I'm also pleased that my head is in the right place, some of the folks I read about have serious food addictions, and I never believed that I was in that catagory. I know I will be a success and remain a success at this. I'm being told that the nerves in the surgical area take about 4 weeks to heal. When they "wake up" I will know when I'm feeling full. So far, so good with feeling satisfied and sticking to the plan. Next doctor’s appointment is December 13th.

12/4 - Today was a first. We needed to run some errands and on the way home Bill wanted to stop for breakfast. I had one scrambled egg with a little feta. I’m sure the egg was cooked on the griddle and the feta was probably not fat free. Anyway, it sat OK in the new pouch. It’s good to know that I can eat out once in a while with my husband and be OK. I’m still doing incredibly well with all this and continue to be grateful that so far it’s not been this huge emotional struggle that so many people experience.

12/13 - Just came from the doctor. Everything is going well, I'm healing like I should and I'm on track. He proclaimed that my diabetes is cured. My cholesterol was 130, the bad LDL was 54, the good HDL was 52, and blood sugar was 97. All numbers are great and I’m really feeling good. We went to Uncle Bub's 60th B-day party last night. I drank water, hard with the open bar, and ate solids for the first time. They had eggplant rolatini, so I unrolled it and took out the ricotta and had about 1 oz with the sauce and about 1 oz of chicken. All settled well, I was a little nervous, you never know if there is sugar in the sauce or butter that the chicken is baked in, but it all sat in my stomach OK. I’m still doing good with the eating, have yet to feel “full” but I’m satisfied and doing well. Tomorrow I go the dietician and to rehab. I’m hoping the dietician can help me to get on a good vitamin routine, there is so much on the market and it’s all so confusing. I stopped at GNC today, and they have a mega liquid that would have all the B-12 I need, but would still have to do a calcium supplement. Hope she can help me figure it all out. I asked the doctor about re-hab, because they want me to go 2x a week, with a $30 co-pay each time. He said to go 2x to get the jest of it all and he also wants me to join a gym. I think I’ll look into Curves after I’m completely healed, there is one 4 miles down the road…

12/19 - Haven't updated in a while. I’m doing well. Talking to the dietician really helped answer so many of my questions. I’m still on 2 bugs bunny vitamins per day, B12 once a week, (1200 mcg) and 2 viactive chews. There are so many products out there for vitamins, I was getting nuts. But the dietician told me that I’m getting all I need in the 2 children’s chewable, so why buy the mega stuff for $25 a month when this is giving me all I need? I decided to keep a daily food log; it really helps me to understand the amount of protein, liquids and calories I’m taking in. Some days I feel like I’m eating all day just to get in the protein, and I’m making good food choices. Yesterday I treated myself to one slice of rye bread with peanut butter. Not the best choice for protein, but it was very good and I’m supposed to have one slice of bread a week, so why not. The weight loss is definitely slowing way down. On my scale I’m at about 35 lbs lost in almost 5 weeks. I’m still a little sore, but nothing like it was. I’m going back to work for ½ days on Monday, and I’m actually looking forward to getting back into a normal routine. I’ll update after all doctors appointments for the doctors scale weight loss.

This was on Sharon Neva's profile..

Don't Look Back~You're Not Going That Way

As you travel through life, there are times when decisions just have to be made.
When all you can do is gather your courage and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn.
So take a step forward. The process of change can be tough but think about the excitement ahead.
There could be adventures you never imagined and wishes and dreams just about to come true.
So keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking your life day by day.
There's a brighter tomorrow just down the road. Don't look back-

The difference between a Distal RNY and a Proximal RNY is the amount of intestine that your surgeon bypasses. Normally anything under 100cm is considered Proximal, anything over 150cm is considered Distal. If it's between those numbers it would be a Medial. Depending on how much he bypasses will make a difference in your malabsorbtion rate. The more that is bypassed, the less your body will absorb. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor before your surgery so that you can find out what he plans on doing and you can make an educated decision on what's right for YOU!

12/23, I've been well, returned to work for ½ days this week. That was enough. I continue to be grateful for this chance at finally losing the weight and really making this work for me.
Some comments I've heard in the last few days from co-workers:
"I didn't think you were that fat."
"I've never worked for a hottie before."
"Were you that desperate?" (That one hurt)
"You trying to be a runway model?" (I'm 52 years old)
"I never realized how fat you were until you lost some weight."
"Your looking good". Then be prepared for the once over, very obviously. It's too funny how some folks react.

12/24, I've been on my first infamous plateau that I read so much about. It’s seems like the scale has not moved in over a week. I’m about 5 weeks post op and feeling very well, almost back to normal except for the scar tissue mending at my incision sites. I’ve started a weight loss surgery journal, it is really helping me keep on track. I keep a daily food log, and track my protein, calories and liquids. I think the following is different doctor by doctor and you can't get two dieticians to agree either it seems. The following is data received from my doctors office and from one of the dieticians.

My goals are:
Protein: 65 – 75 grams a day
Calories: 600 – 800 a day
Carbs: 60 - 100 a day
Fat: 10 - 30
Fluid: 48 – 64 oz or more a day

I also keep track of my walking. I write the date, time, distance and pulse rate.
I also have in my journal all the info that was provided to me from the doctor and the dietician, I’m writing down my favorite web sites for reference, etc. I’ve even started a recipe section, and I’m cutting out food labels for future reference. Will update soon. Happy holidays!

12/25 - Went to a holiday party last night. I can honestly say that I have not had one thing I should not have had since the surgery. I read other posts, just read one this morning regarding this woman who is one-week post op and asking questions about when she can tolerate sugar? Just amazing, why go through all this to try to figure out when you can cheat? I just don’t get it. Anyway, last night I ate 3 scallops with some asparagus tips and a few bites of potato. Have not had any alcohol since surgery; maybe on New Years Eve I’ll try a glass of red wine. On another note the plateau continues, nothing is moving and I’m doing everything I should. Some say to up the protein; others say to up the liquids…who knows? I think I’ll just wait and see, it’s that magical time of the month, that may be the reason. I go to the doctor mid Jan for a weigh in.
On a happier note, my son is coming home to see us and to catch up on laundry. I saw him and his girlfried last night for the first time since Thanksgiving and they both thought I looked like I lost weight. I see it too, but I have so much more to lose.

Day after X-mas shopping, what a zoo! Went down 2 bra sizes, (across the back, not in the cup.) Now this is something to announce to the world!

12/28 Bill and I shopped till we dropped. I am the worlds worst shopper, but I've got to admit, today was sorta a blast. I bought Liz pants for work, size 14W!! It does not seem possible. I went into the dressing room with an 18 and 16, and sent my husband to get the 14. After X-mas sales are the best. 12/29 - The shopping saga continues, we just came back from Woodberry Commons, 200 outlet stores. I feel like I walked miles. Bought 2 more pair of Liz (sz 14) pants for work and one pair of jeans. I packed up all my other pants and jeans to give away, sizes from 22 - 18. It's funny, I have 4 "fat girl" shirts that I'm having a really hard time parting with. I love the styles and fabrics and you don't see these styles often, and they have become favorites. I was going to try to have them altered. I tried them on and I don't think anyone will be able to take them in. The arm holes are even too big. I think I should just let them go and move on.

12/30 - OK, I swore I would not get nuts regarding the scale. My scale and the doctors office scale are from different worlds. Big surprise there. The weight posted below is official Doctors office weight. I go again mid-January, but, let me tell you, this morning on my scale I'm down 38 lbs! My scale started at 225, and this morning, bare butt, I was 187 Whoooweeee!!

Jan. 1 2005 – Happy New Year!! I used to say, “Happy New Scare” because each New Year brought broken resolutions, mostly regarding losing weight. This year will be a happy new year with a resolution to be healthy, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, keep up my journal and reach my goal weight, what ever that number is. (Its really hard to set a goal, I have no idea what I look like at 160 or 130? Not a clue, I just want to feel well and be happy with the way I look in clothes).

Went to NYC on Friday to purchase a medical alert bracelet. None of the vendors who had those charms were open on 47th, so after much looking I found a small cheep one. I went to the engraver, and he actually had three medical alert symbols on his sample sheet that he would engrave. So, back to return the cheepo charm, and we bought a heart shaped disk, much more substantial and had the engraver put the medic alert symbol on one side and on the other I wrote “Gastric Bypass 11/16/04, no blind NG tube, no NSAIDS”. That was all we could fit. We bought a “rolo” link bracelet and had it put on. Looks good and I feel better wearing it in case I’m ever in a bad situation.

We went to NJ for the New Year after the city. I brought my sister a bag of jeans for her daughter. Good by size 22’s and 20’s. I gave a bag of clothes to my friend for her daughter, parted with some old favorite big girl sweaters, shirts, etc.

Bill and Steven cooked filet and it was great. I ate about 4oz of filet with some potato. I had about 2-3 oz of red wine, really nursed that and was fine. I can see how the effects of alcohol are felt more easily. I loved spending New Years with my friends, they all commented on how I looked. I can’t wait to lose the rest of the weight. My heart breaks for those who struggle with 20 or 100 lbs. It’s so hard to lose, I told my best friend that we all just need to find the right balance in our choices.

I’ve been lax on keeping my journal for the last few days while on the road. I’m really looking forward to getting back to work full time on Monday and getting into a routine with food and walking.

January 10th - Mom's 80th Birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!
Went to the doctor today. I hate his scale. Anyway, a few days shy of 2 months post op, down 36.2 lbs. I'll take it!

1/23/05 - I've been updating in Dr. Benbrahim's new system called I can track my food and exercise. It takes time to input all the data and I'm working with the office to suggest improvements to the site, like being able to track your fluid intake, etc. There are only a few of his patients registered so far. It has potential...but it keeps me tied up and not updating here as often as I should.

My DH Bill took my measurements. The hip measurement is very disappointing. Seems like either everything went south or I didn't have a good baseline. At any rate some of the shirts I wore post op are huge on me so I will chalk this up to I didn't have a good baseline number. I've lost a total of 9.5 inches overall.

2/3/05 I've been home sick with a sinus infection. First one I ever had, not fun. Today, on my scale I'm down 50 lbs. Whoooweee!!!! My 16 Liz jeans are getting big on me. I went shopping last week. We are going on a cruise the 3rd week of Feburary and I needed some capri pants. Macy's was having great sales.

2/14/05 I just got home from the doctor. I hate his scale, but in 3 months I'm down 45.3 lbs. On my home scale I show a loss of 51 lbs. Regardless, whatever it is I'm happy with the loss. He said that I would lose slower because of my age than a 25 year old. He also said to increase the exercise, keep a careful eye on sugars, not to get too nuts with protein and to keep my calories around 800 a day. He said many of his patients get depressed at 3 months, they have hair loss, and the weight loss slows down so they start to eat more, blah, blah, blah. I vow to remain optimistic with this process and to stick to my required diet and to, yuck, exercise. It is so hard to eat 800 calories a day and get in 65-70 grams of protein. Anyway, I must be doing something right because I’m still losing. Weighing in the 180's is better any day than the 220's.

2/20 We are leaving for a vacation today. Going on a 5 day cruse. Hope to stick to the plan and not gain! Must be a cruse myth. On my scale this am I was in the low 170's. I'm feeling very good and lighter. I bought a pair of stretch capri's, regular size 14! Now, even though they have stretch, a 14! Pretty exciting...

Back from vacation with my mom and sister, weight 173lbs.

3/1/05 Back from vacation heaven. We went to the Bahamahas, sun and fun for 5 days. I'm still in the low 170's but it's that magic time of the month. (Oh, I ate pizza one night and ordered sugar free deserts on the ship, which means that they were full of fat). Back to my plan and back to the daily grind.

I bought low carb wraps. I ate 1/4 of one and thought I was going to die. It took about 20 min. for that stuck feeling to go away. It was like eating Elmer's Glue, I felt like my pouch was stuck to itself. Never again.
I continue to meet my daily goals and I'm doing OK. I find that I drop about 4-5 lbs every month after my cycle. Chicken is still a challenge, forget tuna, its a killer, but I love turkey chili, a good cut of meat and lots of fish. I find that I have to have a banana at the end of the day to get up my carbs.

March 7, 2005 – Went to see the nationalist and my doctor today. It seems like I’m doing it all right, I’ve graduated to an adult multivitamin. No more Bugs Bunny chewables! I think I will miss my Bugs Bunny vitamins. Anyway, all is well, and I’m doing fine. I’ve lost a total of 52.4 lbs, today I’m one week shy of 4 months post op. I’m feeling great, and I’m in any size 14/16 depending on the cut. No more shopping in the woman’s dept., I’m in regular sizes! It is a very weird feeling, for over 25 years I’ve shopped in the women’s department of all the major stores. Over the weekend I went a bought 2 blouses in the regular size department, one was an XL, and one was a L. Hard to believe.

I continue to meet my daily goals and find that this really is pretty easy. I’m loving it! I started resistant training, and it feels so good to stretch and try to tighten up all the flab. It probably won’t make a lot of difference, but I enjoy doing it and it certainly can’t hurt.

March 12 - Greetings. I continue to do all the right things with my food decisions. I've been at the same weight for 9 days now. I know the scale will move again, just need to be patient. I’ve discovered why this works; eating is not as enjoyable as it used to be. We had flounder the other night, with cooked carrots and sweet potato. I was so looking forward to that meal; Bill makes the best fried flounder. He dipped it in egg, with a little bread crumbs and cooked on a very high heat with a touch of olive oil. It was delicious; I ate about 2oz and got that stuck feeling. First time I’ve gotten that feeling with fish. I waited about 10 minutes for it to go down and finished the rest, but in the process of the food getting “stuck” the enjoyment of the meal vanished.

I just had a south beach solutions crunchy carb bar for breakfast today. Save your money, they are awful, gooey and don’t taste that great.

Other than a few instances of having difficulty with eating, I’m doing great, have never dumped or gotten really sick. I continue to do my cardio and resistance training. I love the total gym, I’m sore but I like the feeling of working muscle groups.

I’m currently in any size 14 pants and XL top and loving the way I physically feel. It’s not just the physical changes and that people are always commenting on how I look, it’s more on how I’m feeling inside, I can walk and not get winded, do the stairs and not get out of breath. I fit in chairs better and my legs don’t rub together. I can cross my legs, my new favorite sitting position.

Will update again after my 5 month doctor visit.

4/4 Went to see the doctor today. I'm having major issues with my hair falling out. I'm up to about 85g of protein a day, always take my vitamins and I've started ZBEC, Zinc with B, E and C. I get a bird’s nest of hair every morning in the shower. It's a good thing I started with a full head of hair, I'm losing about 1/4 cup a day in the shower! It's upsetting but I know it will stop. I only lost 2.9 lbs last month. Awful, but I know I'm doing what I should. Bill and I went shopping last Sat. and it was pouring outside. We ran into the mall, and when we got under cover, I realized that I ran the length of a parking lot and did not get winded. What a strange feeling that was. Doc Benbrahim wants me to sweat, literally. It's never occurred to me to jog or run. Anyway, I'm glad that the spring has arrived; I came home today and spent an hour weeding and raking the garden.
I measured myself, I've lost a total of 16.5 inches in less than 5 months. The weight loss is slowing down, but so far, so good. I'm feeling amazing and much better physically.

4/18, spent the weekend in NYC, went to a show on the Intrepid and went to the diamond district to have my wedding set sized. I've gone from a size 8 to a size 6 1/4. I look at the ring and can't believe that it fits on my hand. Amazing! I am continuing to lose, very slow, but still a loss. The hair is still an issue, I'm taking straight Zinc (50mg) a day with my multi-vitamin. Feeling great!

4/24 Went to the Yonkers Raceway Flee Mkt today on the way home from visiting family in NJ. Bought a light leather coat, size M. Got a pair of Liz 14 jeans over the weekend. Not women’s sizes, these are a straight 14! I'm feeling great. We saw my family over the weekend. They are all well. Everyone is so complimentary on the weight loss. I broke down today and bought 500 tablets of calcium citrate vitamins. I've made the switch from Viactive chews. Hard to do, the choc. mint Viactive are like candy. I’ve read that bone density can take years to detect. May not show up for 10 years or more. I’ve learned enough to be convinced about calcium citrate.

5/15 - One day shy of 6 months post op. What a journey this has been. I'm feeling great, however, I do get tired easily. I need to increase my excercise, I know this. I'm getting more active with the warm weather, walking at night after work, gardening, etc. I'm in any size 14 pants and yesterday I bought a size M nitegown! I'm still using Nixion for the hair loss, it does seem to have slowed down a bit, but I still get alot of hair coming out after a shower. Planning some beach time this summer, almost looking forward to bathing suit shopping.

At my son's college graduation, with my darling husband and wonderful educated son. Weight high 150's.

June 13, just 3 days shy of 7 months post op. Just came off a 5-6 week plateau, nothing is moving, but the hair loss has slowed way down thanks to Nioxin and Zinc. I finally lost 2 lbs, on my scale I'm 156. I'm wearing any size 12 pants and large tops. I bought a pair of 12 capri pants, and it never crossed my mind to try on the 10. Hubby thought the 12's looked big. I'm feeling amazing, and loving the new thinner me, however, in the privacy of my mirror in the morning, it's the same old body, just less of it. I'm considering plastics, I can't wear sleeveless and my inner thighs fell apart. Small price to pay for better health and well-being. Took new measurements and updated below. I've lost a total of 24 inches, 7.5 in the chest alone! Ladies, be careful what you wish for. I've lost 17 inches between the bust, waist and hips.

July 6, 2005
It’s been awhile.
Today I had a major moment. I was editing some photos taken at a golf tournament that I helped to host for the UW. I was looking at a photo and did not recognize myself. I called in one of the guys who works for me and asked him who the person was.. I was shocked, that I didn’t even recognize myself. It’s like my brain could not perceive the image. Very weird!
I'm holding steady, losing about 3-4 lbs a month. Whatever it is, on my scale I’m 14 lbs. shy of my first goal of 140. I’m wearing any size. 12 in pants and an L or XL top. I’m feeling wonderful.

Taken at work, 153lbs. and feeling wonderful

August 5
The weight loss is at about 3-4 lbs a month on average, for the last few months anyway. This morning on my scale I was 153! Whoooweee, what a feeling. My life has changed, I'm happier, and more at ease. I fit better physically, and I'm sooo much more
comfortable. This has been great; I would do it again in a NY minute. I'm still in 12's, but I notice a little bagginess on some of them. Need to start trying on the 10’s; I think I'll give that a few weeks. I went boating yesterday with the boss and the staff, it was a great day, sunshine, salt air, good views and company. I just love the ocean, the smell and the sun!
A business associate and friend of mine sent me a DVD that spanned several years. It was of an association that I belonged to and served on their BOD. There were many pictures of me at events, I almost choked watching it. I must have been at my biggest...that was so difficult to watch! I vow never to go back to that, and to always stay focused on this new, healthier life. I also vow never to forget where I was, in physical trama and all that goes along with that.

8/22/05 8 months and one week post op... just got back from the doctor for my 9 month check up. All is well and he was happy with my progress. I'm losing verrrrryyyy sloooow, but I keep losing. I'm hoping to reach 145, my goal weight by my 12 month check up.

October 9, 2005
Just got home from vacation, we went to St. Thomas for our 25th wedding anniversary. It rained every day, a lot, but we did not let it stop us. Had a nice time. It's really hard losing so much weight when the body is hanging on to all the skin. For the first time in my adult life I'm in a 10/12, but I cannot wear a bathing suit without shorts to cover the tops of the legs, I can't wear a sleeveless top or dress, and I can't tuck a shirt in. I need plastic surgery bad. I need to have my tummy done, my legs and arms, my neck and face. I even have extra skin around the back. On the scale this morning I'm at 156.5. I'm happy with my progress, as slow as it is, I really don't care if I get much thinner, I'm happy in a 10 / 12. It's just all the extra skin that is disheartening. Anyone reading this who is going down the same path needs to be prepared for the aftermath. You will have a lot of excess skin to contend with.



Nov. 16, 2005 ONE-YEAR POST OP. I went to the doctor today for my one year checkup. I've lost a total of 72.3 lbs. and I was 157.7 lbs. I started at 230. I had a goal in mind of 145, I'm a little disappointed that I did not reach goal. I’m in a size 10/12 and a size M shirt or sweater. I really don’t care if I don’t get much thinner. The doctor said that at 145 I would be skin and bones. I must have about 8-10 lbs of excess skin on my frame that I continue to just contend with. I feel like I look good in clothes and overall I’m happy with my progress. I think the less you have to loose, i.e. under 100 lbs., the harder it is to get to the height/weight chart goals. Just a theory.

Anyway I’m feeling very healthy and they finally opened the gym at work. I go 4-5 times a week to work out for 45 minutes. I know it’s good for my body but honestly it won’t make a difference in the way I look. Nothing will get rid of the skin but surgery, and I’m thinking of going for a consult after the New Year, just to see the costs. I’m sure I’ll be in for sticker shock. On the food side all is well, at times I know that I eat too much and need to cut back. I’m not eating anything I shouldn’t be, just too much. I have a protein bar for breakfast, and then mid-morning I’ll have smartfood popcorn or a piece of fruit. For lunch it’s a breadless sandwich and another protein bar, or 1 ounce of low fat cheese. Mid afternoon I’m looking again for something, and I’ll have a yogurt shake or another bar or more fruit. See, too many calories! I seem to get fuller at night, so I eat soup, turkey chile, meat or fish. I'm still not into salads. I still do not do well with chicken or canned or fresh tuna. The tuna makes me queasy, and the chicken gets stuck. I try to push the protein fist, always. My labs came back, I am low on iron so now I’m on an iron supplement, Feosol. That’s where I’m at, in the last 2 months I’ve lost 2.2 lbs. For anyone reading this, this is the reality, do not set unrealistic goals. Do this for your health and well being, not to get skinny. All the best…Happy holidays! Feb. 18, 2006 - Haven't updated in awhile, I'm holding steady at about 155. I go up and down a few, but have been at 155 for a long time. Thinking of a consult this year with a plastic surgeon. I've got to get rid of the excess, if I did I would be a loose size 10, for now, I can get into 10's but 12's are soooo much more comfortable. Honest, I don't know how people get so very thin doing this, I'm holding steady. 



April 29, 2006 - Well, it's been awhile. I'm still about 157, holding my own, went to a low of 153 and I've settled in at 157-158 give or take a few lbs. Went to Dr. Pan for a consult for plastics. Cigna turned me down for the TT. We are appealing. I have soooo much excess skin, mostly in the arms, boobs, arm pits, tummy, inner legs, butt, etc. Hope CIGNA OK's the TT. If so, Dr. Pan will do that and tighten the mid section and do the inner legs forf $7K. Not a bad deal if CIGNA pays for the TT. If not, I'll either switch to Blue Cross in the fall, or figure out a way to self pay.

 7/9/06 Submitted appeal to CIGNA for TT. I have photos that I took, pretty graphic, and several letters from Dr. Benbrahim, my OBGYN, my PCP and from Dr. Pan. I should know in a few weeks. I really hope I'm approved for this TT.

I've been holding steady, I went up to 161 and started to panic, so a few months ago I vowed to up the water and walking. It really helps, I'm holding at about 155 and feeling wonderful. It's amazing, I'm more confident, happier and much healthier. I'm walking almost every day in my area, lots of hills. I try to walk at least 1/2 an hour every day. It really seems to help.

 12/18 Chest=48 1/21 45 3/27 41.5 6/12 40.512/18 Waist=44 1/21 40 3/27 38.5 6/12 37.512/18 Hips=48.5 1/21 49 3/27 47 6/12 4512/18 R-Calf=16.5 1/21 16 3/27 16 6/12 1512/18 R-Bicep=14 1/21 13 3/27 12.5 6/12 1112/18 R-Forearm=11 1/21 10 3/27 10 6/12 9

12/18 R-Thigh=21 1/21 21 3/27 21 6/12 21

  The Dreaded Doctors Scale - Weight Loss Chart11/16 Day of Surgery, Weight 23011/22 6 days post op, Weight 224.8, lost 5.2 lbs11/29 13 days post op, Weight 210.9, total lost 19.1 lbs. 12/13 1 month post op, Weight 201.6, total lost 28.4 lbs.1/10 2 months post op, Weight 193.8, total lost 36.2 lbs.2/14 3 months post op, Weight 184.7, total lost 45.3 lbs.3/7 < 4 mths post op, Weight 177.6, total lost 52.4 lbs.4/4 < 5 mths post op, Weight 174.7, total lost 55.3 lbs. (yikes!)5/24 > 6 mths post op, Weight 166, total lost 64 lbs.8/22 > 9 mths post op, Weight 159.5 total lost 70.5 lbs.11/16 1 year post op, Weight 157.7 total lost 72.3 lbs.4/29 17 months post op, Weight 158 give or take a few either way

7/9/06 20 months post op, Weight 155 loving this!


Wow, it's been years. Today is Sept. 16, 2013. We are semi-retired and moved to Maine. I'm holding my own between 156 - 160. I really watch what I eat, and try to walk each day. Lately I've been having issues with allot of hair loss. Started taking a vitamin for hair, maybe that will help.  


Just a few years have passed, today is Septemer 13, 2018. We are fully retired. I'm down a few pounds since I've last checked in, about 137ish. I'm in an 8 or a comfortable 10. Eating the same, water, protein, fruit, veggies. Gave up protein bars and ensure I get my protein from beans, meat, eggs, fish, etc. All is well and I have never felt better. 


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