J. Grant Thomson

"He is a hand surgeon doing other PS, i.e. TT. He did an excellent job on my anchor incision TT, but really failed to explain about stage 1 and 2 compression garmets, that narcotics can cause severe constipation, etc. After a few post op visits I'm warming up to him, somewhat."

Aziz Benbrahim

"I liked him the very first time we met. As I've gotten to know him I discovered that he is very caring, is a good listener and concerned. He will not take anyone who has a BMI of over 50 or who is over 55 years old. His staff is excellent, Dennis who is the office program manager has been so supportative. I did a 6 month PCP supervised diet, kept being denied by CIGNA POS, and Dennis was there for every appeal and to convince the insurance doctors of the medical necessity. He has been a huge supporter and assistant in this process. Dr. Benbrahim is having regular support group meetings at Midstate Medical Center, where he is started the program in April of 2004. The meetings are mostly for pre-op's with Diana and Chris always there. He is starting the post op support groups in January of 2005. The dietician from Mid State also attends meetings. Doctor Benbrahim has been excellent in all steps regarding my care. I see him once a month for the next 6 months. Then I see him at 9 and 12 months. I feel like I can call the office any time without any hassle. "

MidState Medical Center

"They are just starting out with overweight paitents. Not well equiped with extra large gowns, etc., but the accomidations make up for it. "
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