4-22-06 I will redo my profile this week, but wanted to share something from this past week.


Hi everyone!   Just wanted to share the good news!   Alpha and Charlie Co 1/121st is back from Iraq after being deployed a year.   Hannah, Kayla and I went to Ft. Stewart on Wednesday evening to welcome Danny home!  

It was a very emotional reunion.   We stood along the road cheering as all the buses carrying Alpha and Charlie Company to the parade field.   When they marched onto the field, there wasn't a dry eye.   Kayla kept saying, "Oh I can't stand it!!!   I feel like I am about to jump out of my skin!"   I assured her she wasnt the only one feeling that way.   I was so nervous, my whole body was shaking.   Sonny Perdue was there and gave what he called the shortest political speech ever.   He gave a warm hearted welcome home and then they told the families to find their soldier.  

The kids and I ran onto the field looking for Danny.   Kayla got separated from us, so we had to look for her as well, haha.   We kept calling out for Danny but to no avail.   Then I heard, "MAMA, he FOUND ME".   I turned around and saw Kayla holding hands with Danny.   I started crying immediately and ran into his arms.   It felt so great to be in his arms again.   He was pleasantly surprised to see how much weight I have lost.   Pushing right at 100lbs gone now.   He has been working out as well and it shows!

We got to spend about 20 minutes together before they loaded back up on the buses and went to the barracks to pick up their bags.   As soon as he gathered his belongings, we loaded up the truck and went to the hotel.   He has had to report to work for this week and will be able to come home on Wednesday.   He will take 30 days of leave before going back to work for TSA.   Oh, he has put in for a year contract as an instructor at Ft. Stewart.   He spoke with the CO and is in the process of getting it approved.   If he is chosen, he will not have to go back to TSA, which is something we do not want.   The benefits with the military and the pay is soooo much better.   Ft. Stewart isnt that far from home, so it would be a perfect job for him.   We can come stay with him and he can come home on the weekends.

Thank you all for keeping Danny and my family in your prayers.   I am so thankful that the good Lord brought him back to us safe and sound!

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I just have to tell you something about last night that was so touching and moving that it left my whole family in tears.


Some of you that know about Hinesville, knows that there arent many places to eat.  Last night when we came back from my uncles wedding, we decided to ride into Richmond Hill/Savannah for dinner.  After driving around trying to figure out where to go, we finally decided to eat at Ruby Tuesdays.  Theres one in Hinesville, but we hadn't had that great of an experience there, so I was reluctant to go.  Hubby was still in his uniform and the girls and I were still dressed up.  We sat down and had a great dinner.  We laughed, joked and just had a great time.  Hubby kept grabbing my hand and kissing it.  Our youngest kept getting up and going to hug her daddy.  We had a great time being together.  When it was time to go, our server came to us and said, "Your check has been taken care of."  We kinda looked at each other and looked at her again and in unison said, "Do what?!?!"  There had been a couple sitting in a booth behind us and had watched us during our dinner.  They called our server over and wanted to pay our bill.  But they didnt want us to know till after they left.  We were wondering what was taking her so long with our check, lol  The kids and I started crying, my husband had to raise his head to control the tears from falling down.  It was the most kindest, warm hearted gesture.  It took us a few minutes to gather ourselves.  We wanted to thank the couple, but they had already gone.  As we were walking out of the rest., another family stopped us.  The couple had 2 small boys around 9 or 10 years old.  They had been staring at my husband during dinner and wanted to talk to a real soldier.  So my wonderful husband stopped to talk to the parents as well as the boys.  He loves talking to children.  He made some Iraq friends while over there and met their children.  One of their daughters gave him bracelets to give to his daughters.  It just made me feel even prouder of my hero.  I love him so much and so thankful he is back home.

Well, I better get going.  We have to check out of this hotel and head home today.  Everyone take care and thank you again!


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Feb 06

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4/29/06 Hey everyone!  I am so thankful that my sweet darling husband is back home!  That was the best thing that happened this week.  Everything else went to hell in a hand basket!


Those who have kept up with me and my old site (before I lost everything) know that I am a very easy going, laid back and do not like confortation.  BUT, everyone has their breaking points including ME! lol


Ever since I went back to work, things have not been the same.  Just a refreshner...I am the executive assistant to the owner of the construction company I work for on RAFB.  This man and I have had our differences and I have cursed and walked out on this job before.  A month later he calls me back begging me to come back and apologizes for his actions.  The money offer was good so I came back.  With the understanding that I will be going to school in the summer and I will go to part time at the office.


Ok, other than 1 other lady that works on another site, I am the ONLY female on my site.  Which means there is nothing but testostrone running amuck around me.  I have to BABYSIT some grown a$$ men and treat them like children.  I have to call one guy almost every morning to make sure he is awake and coming into the office.  He has sleep apena and do not want him to loose his job.  Which is about to happen if he doesnt tighten up.  I have to babysit everyONE!  I am so sick and tired.  I am about to make a sign that says, "I ain't your mama, so leave me the hell alone!"  Oh I have another sign I am going to make about my boss, but thats another story!  Lord, please give me the strenght!!!! 


There are some ofther things I want to fuss about right now but I gotta head to the mall.  Hubby and I are going to visit some friends in Columbus.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


5-3-06 I am so sorry for fussing on my last post. I have been having a bad week it seems like.  Today was another bad day for me. I am having some major PMS as well. Ever since I lost the weight and started on the bc patch, my moods 5 days before I start are UNBELIEVABLE!  I think I bit and chewed everyones head off today except for my hubby.  My boss was getting on my last nerve, but whats new about that?!?! lol


We did get some good and sad news last night.  My sweet darlin hubby has an interview for that instructors job with the military.  Bad news is that its not for Ft. Stewart like we had hoped.  It looks like he will be going to WI for a year.  The girls and I will stay here in GA and we will be able to go visit him and he will be able to come home.  Its good b/c of the money and benefits, bad that its so far away and he leaves in June.  I told him he wasnt going till after our anniversary. We spent last years with him in Kuwait. I wasnt spending another one alone. He agrees. Oh another good thing with this is that I am starting school this summer and we will be able to afford for me go part time at work or I might be able to quit all together. Which would be AWESOME!!!!!! I love my job, just hate that I have to make sure everyone else does theres.  I am about to put a sign up that says, "I ain't your mama and I am not getting paid to babysit you".


I better go for now. I want to spend a little time with my hubby!  Love ya!


5/14/06 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I hope all you Mothers have a wonderful day!

We are going to Marietta to my brothers house today to celebrate Mother's Day with my family.  Its so neat seeing their reactions everytime they see me!  After all the years of being pulled aside and comments made about me loosing weight (you will never find a man if you dont take better care of yourself talk), its really nice being complimented, lol No I am not vain! Its just a nice change. My friend Brandy can tell you, even at my highest weight before I got met my husband, finding a man was NEVER a problem with me, lol  ANYWAY!


I have really been enjoying my time with my hubby back home.  He take me to work every day and goes to the gym. Then he comes back with a protien shake for me and hangs out.  Then we take a lunch together.  My boss is working on a special project about evacuation plans for the gulf and now has my hubby helping out.  Its been really nice having him being in the office and getting paid to be there!  But I do have some sad news......  My hubby was trying to get this instructors job at Ft. Stewart, but he failed the running part of the PT (physical training) by 44 seconds.  Mind you he had brochotis. So he didn't get Ft. Stewart, but they did get him at Ft. McCoy.....Wissconsin.  Its still up in the air when exactly he has to report, but it will be anytime between June 15th to July 1st. He will be gone for another year, BUT he is on US soil and we can go visit him and he can come home.  Once we get situated with him back into a regular job, I can quit my job and go back to school!  There is also a possiblity that I am getting at job at Robins AFB too.  But I will talk about that more later.

Right now i gotta go get in the shower and start getting ready, need to stop in Macon and pick up the kids on our way to Marietta.  Everyone take care and HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!


5/29/06 Happy Memorial Day everyone! My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Friday! It really sucked last year for our anniversary with him being in Kuwait. This year we decided to get away.  We left late Friday night and headed down to Savannah. We had such a great time! There were a few little kinks, but everything got worked out.

Saturday morning we got up and hit River Street then to the City Market. We were suppose to go on a carriage ride that night but the carriage company decided to close early and went to the barn. Kinda sucked for us since we had a reservation and they didnt even call. Very unprofessional! But thats ok, we just walked across the street to the "other" carriage company and spoke to them about the tours. We went back down to River Street then headed back to the hotel.  Sunday we got ready and went on the Garden of Good and Evil tour with the nicest tour guide Martha. She is a total mess!!! I highly recommend her if you are wanting to go on "The Book" tour. Afterwards we went back to the City Market to check into the carriage ride with the company that canceled our tour. They said they didnt have our reservation (which had been paid for in advance). I was starting to get a little upset and the guy decided to call the owner. He wasnt going to give us a refund till he made that phone call. They were really trying my nerves.  I think when I started to get loud and demanding a refund and they had other customers around, they wanted to be helpful. We jsut walked across the street and reserved our carriage ride with the other company. Then we went to dinner then walked to one of the squares for our Ghost Tour. That was AWESOME! We had a pretty good crowd. We took our camera and got some really cool shots. Some are really freaky looking. It was really funny at one point, we and another couple got separated from the group. I was trying to get caught up and I found myself JOGGING! I couldn't believe it! My back wasnt hurting from my bug ole' butt bouncing and I didnt get any black eyes from my boobs swinging up!!! hahahaha I really enjoyed it. Hubby and I are going to start walking/jogging around the neighborhood. This morning we went on our horse drawn carriage ride FINALLY, lol it was the 1 thing I wanted to do more than anything! We had such a wonderful time. We ended our trip in Forsyth Park at the fountain. Its so beautiful! We are planning another trip with the kids soon. I LOVE Savannah!  Well, I better go, hubby is wanting to take that walk, better get going, won't be able to do it for another 3 to 6 weeks. Having surgery on Wednesday in Macon, nothing serious, just some female stuff.  Good thing they are going in through my belly button, told Dr S just cut along the dotted line from my wls, lol Ya'll take care!! Much love!

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6/18/06  Happy Fathers Day! Hope everyone is doing well. Hubby and I spent the weekend with the girls. They have been gone alot this summer with their father. It was so good getting them back on Friday. Hate that we had to take them back early this morning. We ended up spending most of the weekend at my dads house in the pool. I had to get another bathing suite which was good and bad.  I really liked my 2 piece, but it had gotten too big so this time I got a 1 piece. It looks like something out of the 50's but its adorable. Hubby REALLY likes it, lol We are going to start swimming everyday. I worked out a little in the pool this weekend and I really felt the burn. I also did a little jogging around the neighborhood. So right now my body feels like I have been hit by a mack truck! I am sooo looking forward to going to bed tonight, lol

Not much really going on right now. I have enrolled into college for the fall. Now I have to take the entrance exam and get ready. I am really excited about it. We are planning on a small trip to Atlanta. 6 Flags is doing something special for the 48th and other military folks. We get to go for free.  So we have decided to make a small trip and go to Stone Mountain the day before.  Just a little something before hubby goes to WI.  Really not looking forward to him leaving. But its best for the family right now. He doesnt have much longer before he can retire.

Some people do not understand why we live our life the way we do. See, my hubby is not active duty army. His regular job is in Atlanta and it really doesnt pay that well considering what he has to pay out to get there(gas, parking, time). Not to mention the child support he pays out each month. When he worked in Atlanta, I saw him maybe for an hour each day. He was either sleeping or getting ready for work. He was never in a good mood, which I didn't blame him. I would be cranky too. We have tried finding him a job closer to home, but the pay was ALOT less than the other. There is no way we could survive financially. I know this may sound crazy to most folks, but when Danny was in Iraq, we actually spent more time talking on the computer and on the phone than when he was at home. Over the last year, we have gotten sooo much closer. The main reason we decided for him to go on this new mission is for several reasons. The pay is awesome, it brings him closer to his retirement so we can have extra cash coming in every month and so I can go back to school. I want to be a dental hygienst. Once I get my degree and get with a dental group, he will be able to take it easy and let me bring in the money. So as you can see, our long term goals are what we are working on now. We have to make a few sacerfices, but in the long run, things are going to be good for us. Another thing others dont understand, I am a miltary wife. It takes a special person to be married to the military (even if its voluntary). I grew up in a military family, I have had long distance relationships. Its going to be hard being away from my husband, but I can do it. If I can handle him being in Iraq in the "Triangle of Death" for a year, I think I can handle WI for a year, lol. He will be able to come home and we can always fly there to see him.

Well, its getting late, I need to get to bed, take care everyone! Love ya much!


Before :o) 5/26/04

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After :o) 6/3/06

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7/8/06 Howdee folks! Sorry I haven't kept up with this profile like I use too. I have been busy the past month! My darlin hubby had been working with me at my office on a special project, so its been great looking up from my desk and seeing him sitting there. He had been working on an Evacuation Plan for the Gulf Coast with my boss. He wrote the presentation and did a lot of the research with the help of a couple other folks in the company. My boss wants Danny to go to DC with him (in uniform of course!) when they present it to the Senate or Congress, whoever it is they are meeting with, lol Tells you how much I have paid attention to the whole thing! LOL But now my sweetie is in WI. He had to report for duty on July 1st. Its been strange with him gone again. But we are a military family, this is what we do. We are still closer than ever. He calls me about 20 times a day, which can be irratating at times, but he misses me!

The girls are going good. They have been at their fathers house most of the summer. Hannah went to summer camp down in Orlando with her uncle, aunt and cousin. She had a blast. They both have been to Panama City Beach a couple of times. We just got back last Monday ourselves. Had a great time, just wished we could of stayed another day or two. We were at the Edgewater Beach Resort. That place is awesome! We had our own private beach. The staff wasnt that great, but he condo was well worth it! I am planning a trip back next summer, hoping to stay a week. But not sure if we will stay at the Edgewater or not, was WAY expensive! I think my dad paid like $315 a night, thats too rich for my blood! But we had a great time!

I really didnt do anything for the 4th. Bought some fireworks, but they are still sitting on the table in the foyer, lol. I was suppose to go to my grandmothers, but just didnt feel like being around people. I get like that sometimes, I am such a hermit crab/home body. I love my quite time. Noone here at the house but me and the boys (dogs and 1 cat). One of my favorite things in the world to do is lay in bed all day with my cat Tink curled up on me or next to me, watching scarey movies. Not talking about horror movies, more of the ghost kind of stories.

Well, I better go for now. I need to get some house cleaning done today. I am suppose to go look at that St. Jude's house this afternoon in Lizella with my mother. I bought a ticket like 2 months ago. They have only sold 2000 tickets, so me winning the house looks good, lol I really want to win, lol But I have decided that if the Good Lord above sees it fit for me to win it, I am going to sell it and buy a smaller house with an inground pool here in Perry. That way I won't have to take the kids out of their schools. Plus, I love Perry. Its a small country town and I pretty much grew up here during the summers. The kids love this area and so does my hubby. Besides, if I win that house in Lizella, we wont be able to afford the monthly bills (electric) for a house that big. I will just keep praying about it, they draw the name on the 16th. I will keep ya posted! Pray that we win it! :) Much love!


7/13/05 Today has been a crazy day! I have been so stressed out with work, the bday parties I am planning, the dogs are driving me nuts, kids are constantly fighting, house looks like a tornado hit it, looking for a new job, trying to schedule the kids and myself to get new military id cards and getting ready to go back to school. But I do have some great news! I can knock 3 of the items off that list! I got a phone call this morning telling me that "unofficially officially" I got the job that I have been trying to get for the last 6 years!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I will be getting something in the mail here soon and a call with more information! I am so EXCITED!!!! The pay is more than I am getting now, PLUS benefits!!!! PLUS SICK TIME and HOLIDAY PAY!!!!!! I am so happy!!! So that was the 1st thing I can mark off! The second is that I get to quit my current JOB!!! No more stress with working with J&A. I will miss my freedom I have with this job, but not enough to turn down this other job! The 3rd thing I can knock off the list is about the dogs. I was able to find a really good home for Mack. He will be a lot happier with the family that I chose. The mother is a stay at home mom and she has 2 kids. He needs to be in a home like that. He can get the attention he needs. It was sad seeing him go, but I know he will be happier. Now all I need is for St. Jude to call my name on Sunday and this would be a perfect week!!!!!! If by the grace of God I do win that house, I have already decided on what I am going to do. We will sell it and buy something here in Perry that cost A LOT less hopefully with a pool. That way we wouldnt have to move that far and the kids can stay in the same schools. They are happy being here and so I am. I love Perry and i think its a great small country town to raise children in :o)


7/28/06 Wheeeewwww, what a week and half!  I got the information for the tenatitive job offer. Man, they asked for everything!! I was shocked they didnt ask for my 1st born, lol It took me a week and half to get all the paperwork filled out. I am so glad thats over with! They will be calling me or emailing me on Wednesday with more details. I was told if I do not hear back, to email the supervisor, but as of right now, I start Aug 21st. I can't wait to get something official. Then I can give J&A 2 weeks notice. Thats going to be something. I know my manager is going to be upset. She and I have gotten to be so close. She is so funny and cool. She is the only reason why I went back to work for that company. But she has a new girl in the corp office now that has been a real big help. I am going to make a list of my job duties, hopefully we can get a qualifed temp in the office that I can train to take my place. I just hope whoever we get has a strong personality and able to handle the bossman. He is so ADHD and so are his work ethics. Some of you think I am joking, but if you only knew him, you would COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!! lol Well, the weather looks really bad out, I better get off the computer. Take care!

8/20 Good Mornin Folks! I was finally offered the job at Robins! I am so excited. I start tomorrow. I have already made arrangements for my kids and have most of my paperwork already filled out. Need to finish it sometime today and read over the insurance stuff. We really do not need the additional insurance since my husband is in the service. But if they  have any dental (for braces), I am sooo signing up for that!!! I have 2 that need braces really bad.


Oh, I was able to find someone to replace me. I was getting worried there for a minute. I am so glad I contacted several temp services in WR. It was important to find someone that is a military spouse or someone that was retired. The construction field is not a career kind of job unless you are with a national company and willing to move around the country. This job is perfect for someone going to school or military because there's no benefits. You work, you get paid, you don't work, you don't get paid. I interviewed a couple of people. The last one I interviewed with is exactly what we were looking for. She came back for the weekly meeting with the gov't inspectors and contracting officer on Wednesday. I though for sure she wouldnt show up Thursday...but SHE DID!!!! :) I feel that I am leaving my guys in good hands now, so I am not as stressed about resigning. I will still be coming by the office next week just to check on things and if she needs me.


My weight has stalled around 130 to 135 which I am ok with. I was really worried that I would loose too much. I feel great but have an occassional pain in my stomach. My doctor changed my acid reflux meds and it seems to be working pretty good. I know I have to still watch what I eat. Which brings me to this.........


I believe that Ernie the Elf and the rest of the bunch from Keebler are spawns of satan himself!!! My addiction right now is the Keebler Rainbow Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies. The are only 5 grams of sugar per cookie. I have been up for about 2 & 1/2 hours and I have eaten about 4. Sugars still have a bad effect on me, all except for these cookies. So what do I do about it? lol I keep a bag of them in the fridge, lol It's really crazy, anything and everything else can make me sick. So you see why I say they are spawns of satan?!?!?!?! lol I am hoping this will be a passing thing.


Another craving I have had is ribs from Sonny's BBQ. I have no idea why. I have eaten more ribs this past summer than I have my ENTIRE life. My body must of been craving a certain vitamin for me to crave pork ribs like that. Have no idea what pork is high in?!?!?!


My husband is doing well. He is really enjoying his job training soldiers. It looks like he will be able to come home at the end of this month. We are so excited. It's still up in the air right now. But hopefully he will find out for sure this week. Oh and it does look like he is getting that per diem afterall. We are waiting on word from the higer ups. Just keep praying it will follow through. It will help us out TREMEDOUSLY.


My house this weekend has been FULL of TEENAGERS!!!!! Friday my oldest had a friend to spend the night. We decided to go to Chicfila for dinner, so we picked up another friend for her and my youngest decided she wanted a friend. So we all piled into the truck. All 6 of us! they had a great time playing in the playground and flirting with the boys behind the counter. We went by Wallworld to pick up some snacks and stopped by and picked up another friend down the street from the house. So that was a total of 7. About an hour after we got home, 4 more showed up at the house! So thats 11!!!! 3 teenage girls, 5 teenage boys, 2 10 yr old girls and me!!!! A couple of the boys left around 10:30 that night. The other two stayed till about 3:30am. I was going to let them stay, but one of the moms watched some kind of scarey movie and wanted her boy home. I still can't believe she left them like she did, but oh well. I rather have all the kids at my house than running the streets or at a house that I am not sure about the parenting skills. Saturday afternoon one of the teenage girls went home, and all 5 boys came back over. Now the three from the night before are kinda LOUD. They brag about being rednecks and I can tell you, THEY ARE!!! I was glad when they left, lol. I ordered pizza for lunch and last night we all went to the movies. I do not mind taking the kids to the movies, I kinda liked it. My oldest daughter isnt ashamed of having me hanging around with her and her friends. They all seem to like me, lol One even said, "Mrs. Hannah's Mom, I didn't think I could like you more, but I DO!!!!" After the movie we went back to wallyworld to get more drinks and came back to the house. They all wanted me to hang out with them and watch a movie. But I didnt want to "be in the way" and lets face it, I needed a break!!!! lol I am not sure what time the boys left last night. I was exhausted and went to bed around midnight. I know I can hear ya'll...oh she left the teenagers alone and went to bed. One thing you need to know, my daughters and I have a wonderful relationship and we talk about everything. If something is going on that they know is wrong, they tell me. We have a trust like you wouldn't believe. Besides, they have seen mama's wrath and they know its not pretty, lol I have no problem with screaming, throwing things and kicking everyone out of the house. Hannah is at that age where she gets embarassed very easily. Thats the last thing she wants when her friends come around. So she does what she can to make sure everyone is doing what they are suppose too!!! besides, I think I have done a pretty good job of raising my girls. They are very smart, sweet,  and have a heart of gold. We are all so close. I can actually say we are best friends. But they do know i am the mother and thats my MAIN job. I wished I had this kind of relationship with my mother when growing up. maybe we would have a better relationship now. Oh well!

I have rambled on long enough, lol Will not bore you any more!! Take care, give your kids and spouse an extra big hug and kiss today! Later gater ~


8/26/06 I just heard something on the news that just really rubbed me the wrong way!!! Last year we all know what happened with the distruction of Katrina in the Gulf. There was this man who came across a bass boat while trying to rescue people. He used the boat to save over 200 lives then let other rescuer's use the boat to save more lives. Here recently the man was able to locate the owner of the bass boat and let him know what he did with the boat. Do you know that the owner is now SUEING the man for using the boat and stress on the motor and MENTAL ANGUISH?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!!!!!! I am soooo upset about this!!!!! I can understand the owner being upset that he couldn't find his boat, but dang, think of all the good the boat was used for!! All the lives that were saved. If I am not mistaken, the man that found the boat said that it was half underwater at the time. If it weren't for this man, that boat could of been lost forever. NOT TO MENTION all the LIVES!!!! Some people are just so money hungry and will do anything to make a dollar!!! I pray to GOD that the Judge will throw this case out. This is ridiculous!!! You know, I honestly feel that if the story had gotten out of what happened, the owner might of ended up with a free brand new boat. But now that he is sueing, he can kiss that goodbye. I am furious about this!! I believe sometimes as Americans, we abuse the rights we are given as Americans. This is a perfect example. Ok, I will get off my soap box now, lol have a great weekend!!!!


9/17/06 Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! I have had a great weekend!!! I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty good. Got some laundry done, got ready and got on the road NORTHBOUND! I met a few ladies from the site at a monthly gathering in Marietta/Smyrna area. After 2 years of reading post on the site, I finally got to meet a few folks. I have to say they are the sweetest people I have met in a long time. Everyone just went out of their way to make me welcomed. I really look forward to meeting again in the future.

When I left Joe's Crab Shack, I headed north to my brother and sister in laws house. I called them last week telling them I would be in the "neighborhood" and I wanted to stop by to visit before going back home. They were excited and we just planned on me staying the night. As soon as I got there, my niece and nephew pretty much attacked me! We had so much fun. My niece is 2 and nephew is 6 months. I just laid on the floor and played!!! Jack is so cute. He is only 6 months old, but he can crawl over to the couch, pull himself up and take a step or two! It's shocking!! He is sooo smart. Both of them are. Emme just turned 2 and can count to 13, knows her shapes and can sing her ABC's. I even heard her in the kitchen this morning speaking Spanish!!! She evidently LOVES Dora the Explora. They are some really good babies. AND FULL OF ENERGY!!!!!! It brought back sooo many memories of when my babies were ..well...babies, lol. I swear I could feel my eggs dropping!!! lol

Danny and I have finally decided.... we want a baby!! I am flying to WI in a couple of weeks for about 4 days. We are gonna start trying. I have been really excited about the whole thing. I have already registered at Target, lol I have things picked out if we have a boy and things if we have a girl! Jumping the gun a little? Yes, but its ok, I am happy :) We have even picked out names :0) The girls name is Lena Elizabeth. Lena after my maternal great grandmother and Elizabeth after my paternal grandmother. If its a boy, we have decided on Jacob Kane. No particular reason for Jacob other than its the only name that sounds good with Kane, lol and if you are a wrestling fan, you know where my husband came up with the name of Kane, lol I just pray that the good Lord blesses us with a baby. If not, thats alright, we can just spoil all my neieces and nephews and our grandbabies when we can! Well, I better get going. Need to do some laundry and get things ready for tomorrow! Take it easy!!


10/11/06 Hello everyone! It's amazing of how much can go on within a months time! I have been looking around at houses here lately. I am to the point now where I am tired of renting and I want to own my own home. I found an agent name April that works for a realtor here in town. let me start out by saying she is a true God send! I absolutely adore this girl! My kids love her to death. I believe that God put us in each others path for a reason. I can honestly say she is one of my best friends. She has really been looking out for my family in looking for a house. She went to look at a place a couple of weeks ago and called me. She wanted to know if I could meet her to look at it. She told me it was what I was looking for. Sure enough, I walk in and fall in love!!! AND it was in my price range. I put a bid in on it and they accepted it. We close on 10/31. This is my 1st house and I am thrilled to death. What makes me feel even better, is that I did this on my own. The house is in MY name. I got this house on MY credit. After 35 years, I guess I am truly growing up now! hahaha Danny and the girls are thrilled about the house. It even has a nice size backyard for my boys. That was one thing I was very worried about. I wanted to make sure I had enough room for my great dane. Jack will have plenty of room to run around :o) They are putting up a privacy fence which is a good and bad thing. I am glad we are getting a fence. Hate that my dogs will not be able to see anything but the fence. It's like they will be in solitary confinment. I know I know, my husband has already laughed at me. I just love my animals.


Another good thing that has happened recently. I flew to MN last Thursday night to see my hubby. We stayed overnight in Minnapolis and went to the Mall of America. Then we drove back to his room close to Ft. McCoy, WI. We had a great time together. I can honestly say I fell in love with him all over again. We went shopping (yea!!), went to Roche a Cri state park where I climbs stairs from hell to the top of the mountain. It was like 400ft straight up. I thought I was going to DIE!!! We also went to Black River Falls and to Lake Wazee. We had so much fun. I hated leaving. He will be home next month for Thanksgiving then again for Christmas. He is in the process of seeing if he can get transfered to a base closer to home. The closest one that offers the program he is in is at Ft. Bragg, NC which is 6 hours away. Still far away, but closer than 18 hours like he is now!


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                        Hubby Flexing :o)


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                    Me acting like hubby!


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                                   Happy Couple


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                                 Black River Falls


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My job is going well. I have been keeping busy (finally) the last couple of weeks. My supervisor is awesome. I really like what I am doing. Just want to move up and make more money. Especially now since I am buying a house!!!!! Well, I better get for now. Ya'll take care!!

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