Hello, I'm going to have the R-N-Y WLS.  I've been overweight all my life.  The most I've ever lost was 88lbs and kept it off for 5yrs then it started creeping back on me when I got pregnant.  I'm tired of not being able to sit comfortably in chairs and feel good in my clothes.  I'm in a 22 now and would love to get down to a 12-14.  My main reason I want to do this is for myself so that I'm heathier and for my family.  My children always ask me to do things but either I'm too tired or I'm too ashamed. My two teenagers have never seen me any size but BIG!  I have a bad self esteem.  I hate to go shopping because nothing I like is in my size and what is in my size makes me look older.
I went to my educational class on 3-20-08.
My next appointments:
4-9-08 Nutrition evaluation------------done
4-17-08 Labs and chest x-rays-------done
4-23-08 Endoscopy----------------------done
5-12-08 My psych eval--------DONE AND PASSED CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????
5-27-08 Sleep study-----------done on 4-22-08

June 2nd Decision Date with Dr. MacDonald

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