Back on Track!

Aug 13, 2010

I am finally back on track.  I am almost 7 weeks post pardom and the baby is doing so much better.  We had a scare a week or so ago and ended up in the NICU and we didn't really like that to much but we are great.  He is great!  Hubby and I are doing so much better also.  I am down to my lowest weight since junior high school.  I am 206lbs as of this morning and I remember in 7th grade my sister making a bad joke when I weighed in at 204.  She made a joke like we were golfing and she was teeing off and she said two oh and yelled FOUR and put her hand to her forhead and looked into the distance.  I will remember that for the rest of my life because that is the one and only fat joke my sister made of me.

I am now a proud mommy to 3 boys.  Matthew is three and a half, Andrew is two and Joshua is going to be 7 weeks on Monday.  My house is over run by boys.  I watch my nephew Alex sometimes to (he is almost 3) my sister don't know how I do it.  Its just life and they are just boys.

I am just glad that I am alive, that my boys are all healthy and that my relationship with my husband is on the mend.

I will hopefully become more active on this site and meet some of you awesome people and make some great friends.


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