sore, sore, sore

Sep 07, 2010

Hey Everyone, well, I haven't been on here as often as I would like, but being back at work has me busy, busy....Well, NEWS - I have joined a Gym! Yes people, I have taken the step to start exercising.  Well, I joined the gym on Saturday - I took a class on Monday - Body Pump - let me tell you - it's no joke!! We used weights, we did lunges and it was hell!!! I am paying the price right thighs are sore and I can hardly walk.  When I was leaving the gym, I took a step and my legs gave out from under me and I fell didn't get hurt that much, but it was enough to give me a shock.  I stayed down there and just stretched. It was kind of embarrassing, but hey, sometimes it's okay to make a fool out of yourself.  Anyway, I have been resting since then and have not gone back to the gym. I am still very sore.  I have the gym schedule and I plan to do more classes.....Anyway, my weight loss hasn't been that great, but I haven't been that disciplined either.....Okay, that is my update for now.....Hugs and luck to everyone!!

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