Weight loss track re-start

Jun 18, 2007

surgery date 2/20/07

2/20/07 287lbs
started out with a loss after surgery of 21lbs = 265lbs
was losing about 4-6 lbs a week for a while
loss started evening out at about 3-5 lbs a week for a few weeks
Started working out..
I am now losing about 2-4 lbs per week
I know I am at 207 now so I actually lost about 4lbs last week

 date      lbs lost    =  current weight/total lost

6/17/06  4lbs    = 207/80
6/22/07  2lbs   = 205/82
7/03/07  2lbs  = 203/84
7/08/07  4lbs = 199/88
7/15/07  1lb   = 198/89 (been eating popcorn and pistachios as night time snack...BAD BOY!) ran out of s/f popsicles, need to get on track!
Well, I am back to say that I have been working out in the pool and I even ate some s/fr chocolate chip cookies today, and I now weigh 196! Go Figure! So...
7/15/07  1+2 = 3lbs = 196/91
8/1/07    3lbs = 193/94  I have been introducing small amounts of carbs back in my diet and while they taste good and I am doing ok with them, the weightloss isnt happening like it has been. I have to find the right foods to keep losing and trying out foods is so hard when trying to lose weight. I am so close to goal and I am scared that I will make the wrong choices and not keep losing like I want, well, I must keep on working at it.
8/4/07   3lbs = 190/97 how do I stop?
8/12/07 1lb  = 189/98 fluctuating due to trying to maintain, but I need to lose 4 more lbs to hit goal.
8/17/07 3lbs = 186/101! one more to go to GOAL! Its been a rough week, fluctuating between 187 and 186, need to work a little harder paying attention to what I eat to get that last pound off.
8/21/07.....I made it to GOAL! 1lb = 185/102 lbs lost in six months!!! I think I am goin to get mushy then jump around the house.

 9/7/07 5lbs = 181/106 lost...I have been eating the right things but I think my body is telling me that its not where it wants to be, so I will keep working out and eating right and see where I go from here.
9/27/07 4lbs = 177/110 lost...I dont know when my body will stop but I am happy with the results. My wife has decided she wants to seperate and some of it has to do with me losing weight. I am very distraught but I am going to pick up the peices and do what is best for the kids then do what is best for me. They are taking it better than I had expected and are very supportive of me, this is because they have taken notice of how she has been for the last year and how much I have been trying to keep everything together. But to make things work it takes to to try not just one and thats the way it has been for over two years. well anyway, the weight loss is great, I feel better than I have in years. 
10/19/07 2lbs = 175/112 lost...still trodding along and eating the right foods, starting to eat more carbs and getting more excersize. Relationship-wise, well, I am coming to terms with it being over and trying to find out who I am. I have been her husband for so long that I lost track of who I was. Now its time for me...and my kids are getting better at adjusting and they see that I am doing my best to give them stability and love they need right now. Its hard when she has them for a week but I am in an online class that will keep me busy and at least I have the gym to get to during those nights. Well, thats it for now.

Well, I am still holding on and maintaining my weight between 170 and 175lbs. having trouble eating because of depression, but I am hanging in there. My kids are doing great and we are coming to terms that there is no working things oiut with thier mom. I found out she has had a boyfriend since a week after we seperated and that cancels out any signs of getting back with her. Anyway, i am extremely happy with my weight and feel healthier than ever! Even have a better relationship[ with my kids and feel younger too!

1/15/08  I am trying to stay above 170lbs and I am having trouble getting enough protien in to keep building muscle. I am starting back to the gym during lunch time from work so I can bulk up. I never thought I would say that but some people say I am too skinny! Drives me crazy, from too fat to too skinny, go figure! I feel great though! I am still adjusting to my ex trying to be friends and act like its nothing that we are not together any longer. I dont like the word "hate" but its how I am really feeling towards her now. My kids are whats important to me and she still thinks I should be concerned with how her life is going, I really dont care! That F'in B! I feel really bad for my kids cause they are realizing that it was her selfish decision to break up our family. Well, its really wierd to try and date again, its not what I wanted to do and I feel guilt for even looking at another person! Please advise me! I dont know how to date! 

4/8/08 I have been maintaining around 168 and I am extremely happy with my weight! I do have a little skin issues but its not enough to be medically neccessary to have it removed. I am working on the insurance company to see just what I need to do. I have started to try and date but  its still a little scary, I still find myself hiding my body though, must be the extra skin? I'm still trying to find out who I am now that I am not a husband anymore, my sense of humor has come back with a force and I am trying to get back to being sort of who I was before I got married. My kids are happy with me, they say I am a lot more fun now! Well I will try to keep everyone posted as to how my new life is going! Thank you for the support!

I finally joined Bally's! Another Goal down.

Jun 07, 2007

Well I finally went in and joined Bally's Gym. I am still a little intimidated but I am working on it. I am doing the total body workout circuit they have. I have never worked out (outside of doing manual labor) during my entire life. Man, my muscles are sore. I know its working out for the best so I am going to keep it up. 

Oh yeah, I bought a new car to go with the new body...check it out in my photos.

I did it! Its wasnt Disneyland but at Magic Mountain Instead! G

Jun 03, 2007

I fit on every ride I went on without any assistance getting on or the restraints hooked!!!!! We had the best time ever! I even rode on some rides with my 5 year old! I was still a little self concious but I actually fit without issues. I was even able to get into a tank top that was only a size large and feel great too. I didnt get tired or winded up and down the hills, standing in line was easy, I even got some looks from people. maybe it was all the kids surrounding me though? Any way. it was one of the best experiences that I have had for myself and my kids in a long time! I cant wait to go back!

Enough confidence to attack another GOAL!

May 28, 2007

I have come to realize that I may have lost enough weight to attack another one of my goals. Its the same scenario but different venue. I am going to buy my family season passes for Magic Mountain, while my goal says fit on the rides at Disneyland, I am content with fitting on the rides at Magic Mountain! Same concept but different park, this is going to be awesome! Two of my boys are now fearless enough to get on the big rides and I am going with them, without worrying about the handler telling me I wont fit into the restraint! I will keep everyone posted and let you know if I $#!t my pants from the excitement! I LOVE WLS!

I reached one of my goals!

May 17, 2007

I am now able to buckle my seatbelt without leaning to one side to get it done! I am now running out of clothes! I love it but, I have too many kids to provide for to go out and get new ones for myself right now. Anyway, I am extremely HAPPY!

If you want to book some travel anywhere then...

Mar 14, 2007

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Weight loss track re-start
I finally joined Bally's! Another Goal down.
I did it! Its wasnt Disneyland but at Magic Mountain Instead! G
Enough confidence to attack another GOAL!
I reached one of my goals!
If you want to book some travel anywhere then...