PreOp Appointment and Surgery Coming up

Feb 24, 2017

Hey Everyone, 

I have a preop appointment next week and  I'm not sure what to expect. I had all my blood work and tests ( upper G.I etc)  done months ago prior to my insurance approval. Does anyone know if they'll run more tests ? What usually happens in the preop appointment ?

Also, i have a little silly question. We just moved into a townhouse with a pretty steep staircase . Was going up and down stairs an issue post op ? Should i be camping downstairs for a while ? What was your mobility like post op ? Thanks 


Talking about surgery money

Feb 02, 2017

Hey everyone,
After finishing and meeting all the requirements, I got confirmation my insurance company
approved my surgery. My Doctor's surgery scheduler called and told me that
I will be paying about $900.00 directly to the surgeon's office and that the hospital is
also expecting the bulk of their bills to be paid upfront. I've been calling the number she provided
to get specifics on the hospital numbers but with no luck ( i'll keep trying).
My deductible is only $750 and since it's early in the year, i of course expected to pay at least that. But the
way this lady is talking, it seems I might have to pay several thousands of dollars out of pocket before the
surgery. My out of pocket max is $3500.00 but she says the surgeon's $900.00 doesn't count towards that even.
Does anyone remember what the billing was like for this procedure ? Did everyone ask to be paid upfront? Did anyone get the surgery
before the insurance company deductible was met?


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