09-02-2015 - Over 7 Years Ago Now

Sep 02, 2015


WOW, time flies!!

It seems like its been forever ago when I had my RNY surgery in 2008.


*WELL, I have done pretty good through the years regarding weight. I did gain some after a few years but not a huge amount. This is normal & you have to kick yourself again but its much easier with the surgery.

*BUT, I now cannot recommend the RNY surgery. Over the years of doing well I now have quite a bit of health issues which I know are at least partially from the surgery, namely from Mal-absorption. Never think that it won't happen to you, I didn't think it would ever happen to me! I have to take many many vitamins & other meds & still have issues. I have osteoporosis at a fairly young age along with a lot of other issues. I'm also now gaining weight like never before since the surgery, I think due to my illness.

Forgive me if I tend to sound negative, I've been dealing with so much health wise, too much to get into on here & its been difficult. PLEASE do your research & make sure to pick the right surgery for yourself if your going to have any. Also, its so important to make sure your surgeon has a good track record, research, research!!! I have no complains about mine.

Peace & Love to you all! 




03/23/08 (-110 Lbs lost - One Year & 3 mos since Surgery)

Mar 23, 2008

It's been quite a long while since I posted. Life is Great! There have been ups & downs as always & it is all truly a balancing act most of the time.

*I look & feel 100 % better than I use to, I would do the surgery again no if, and's or buts about it.My health and engery has improved totally!

*My weight has stablized, I acually do gain now sometimes, mostly on weekends then I eat better during the week & lose it. However, now when I want to lose I can! I don't just give up, I always weight myself twice a week so that I can't deny that I've gained when I do. This helps me to stay on track because I've vowed to never go back and the only way to stop that from happening for me is to keep on top of every pound ever gained & take it back off right away. They can add up so quick!

*I'm not usually senitive to sugar. I found this out over a year after my surgery when I finally tried real sugar. This is not a good thing since I've been a sugarholic for years. I love things sweet so I usually use a lot of Splenda.

*I never imaged how much of an issue the lose skin would be! I mean I knew I would have it & just figured it would not be a big deal compared to getting to lose the weight. I have it everywhere & I mean everywhere. It's worse on my upper arms so I can't wear anything with little sleeves or sleeveless away from home. There arn't any funds to cover removing it at all & if there were they would help my husband who has a lot more than I do. I have learned to accept that I'm just older now & will always have to live with the extra skin therefore never quite feeling normal HOWEVER as I said, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!

*Although I researched for years about everthing to do with the surgery my mind still hasn't quite caught up with the fact that I look the way I do, etc. It will take adjustment time so be ready for that! Your head will play tricks on you with you self-image, etc. It has gotten much better for me but to this day I still sometimes head for the plus size clothes in the store. Speaking of clothes, oh my gosh, I've never given away so many clothes before in my life or had such a hard time keeping clothes around that fit me.

More later, hang in & always hold your head high no matter what!!!!!!! 

09/08/07 (8 mos post op - 100 LBS LOST)

Sep 08, 2007

Well, its happened, I've finally made it to a total loss of 100 lbs after 8 mos, my mind can't conceive of it !!!! I now wear size Large to XLarge shirts & 16-18 size pants - ME. I'm now wearing these sizes, I do really, LOL. Disbelief is the word. Much better health and wonderful energy is the reward among others, Thank God for this!!!!!!

I've done really well for the most part. I had a major stall at about 6 mos out for about a mth & a half & still do have small ones. The weight loss has slowed way way down which is normal. My mind knows its normal but I was use to it happening without a lot of effort. I'm learning to adjust. Now I'm having to work a little harder at it as I still have approx. 45 more lbs to lose and maintain. I will continue to take the 4 flights of stairs up at work everyday and push myself to do more and eat healther one day at a time.

OH, I'm really in need of dress clothes for work and any other clothes my size if anyone has any to get rid of please. I've been giving my old clothes to my sister who really needed them.

God Speed to All !!!
Jeanette   :o)

08/11/07 (7 Mos Post Op, -90 lbs)

Aug 11, 2007

I'm doing great! 
The weight loss has slowed  way down though. I actully completly stalled for 1 1/2 mos!! Got a little depressed about it too. I'm now starting to watch the way I'm eating again & am losing. Back to the basics, protein first & more protein, no drinking with or right after meals, etc. I've been doing the stairs at work too.
I haven't been on here much, been on MySpace where my grown kids are!

05/27/07 (-80 Lbs. Almost 5 mos post Op)

May 27, 2007

I''m doing wonderful!!! I'm constantly amazed at the great changes in my health, energy & appearance. I was wearing 26/28's, I'm now in 18/20's, totally unreal!! I finally bought a few new clothes since we're going to Ohio to see Mike's family next week! The clothes I was wearing (& still wear some out of necessity) are like sacks on me & are depressing to wear.

I just really need to remind everyone on a very important subject. Not to try to scare anyone but to educate. Mainly for the by-passers, Please, PLEASE take all of your vitamins everyday. Vitamins are no longer just a I'll take them for better health sometimes or whenever. They are now essential for you life!!! This is because we now don't absorb what we need from the little food we have. I personally know of two people suffering from serious problems from lack of the proper vitamins. One young person is losing her teeth. Another is having serious problems with their eyes.

04/28/07 (-66 Lbs. - Almost 4 mos Post-Op)

Apr 28, 2007

Your sure go thru a lot of feelings after this surgery & with the weight loss. 
I remember at about 1 mos. out feeling like I was srinking away to nothing. This was acually far from the truth but yet I felt it for a brief time. I also felt like I would never feel strong or normal again. That's gone completely!  More recently I felt much more like doing things, keeping myself up more & cleaning house, more like I use to be! 
I'm finding it amazing & strange how my natural personality is coming back. Its like it was so buried & I didn't even relize how much. I feel prettier now, more confient, more alive !!!! Sometimes its a little scary but mostly it feels great.

04/11/07 ( -60.00 Lbs !!! 3 Mos plus Post-Op)

Apr 11, 2007

Howdy Ya'll !!!

Time sure flys when your having fun !!!
I'm doing wonderful, losing & feeling much more active. I weigh less now than I can remember weighting say 20 plus yrs ago, I'm not sure how long its been. I can eat almost anything I want in small portions, approx 3 oz a meal give or take a little. I bought a food scale & always try to weigh out things, it really helps me. I weigh my food for work before I pack it. I still use small plates at home & will continue.
I do watch what I eat, normally eating only baked lean meats, green beans, plain oatmeal with splenda & cinnamin or an egg for breakfast, salad, etc, everthing tastes great! 
I have tried quite a few things (about once) that I never thought I would tolerate so early such as mashed potatoes, cheese, pizza, pasta, chili, bread, cereal w/ milk (lac free skim), mac & cheese, hamburger, steak, etc. Pretty much whatever except for sugar loaded items. I use Promise butter & light Hellmon's mayo. Its sort of scary! 
I was really hoping I would be one of those people that couldn't tolerate a whole lot of things not good for me and never get hungry. I do get hungry and have learned when its real hunger & when its head hunger. But on the BIG plus side, I have almost forgotten to eat a few times & don't feel anything like the hunger I use to feel. I always try to eat per instructions from Doc. 
I'm also more active so I don't think about food so much, I'm too busy!!! 
Please don't try any of these bad foods I mentioned the first month or two if at all if ever, I waited until 21/2 mos. You may very well cause yourself problems you don't want.
I don't buy any of the bad things for home which helps although I do bring leftovers from eating out & divide them up into meals which isn't all the time.

02/20/07 (- 35 Lbs - 7 wks post -op tomorrow)

Feb 20, 2007

Hi Ya'll !!! I've been so so busy I haven't posted much at all since I started back to work.  I've been doing really good since the infected G-tube was removed. The hole is almost completly closed, it will be 2 wks tomorrow that it was removed. I feel so much better now. I've lost about 35 lbs. I'm really starting to feel the weight loss & so are my clothes! I have no problems eating at all, I only eat what I'm allowed but it always tastes great, I just eat a little. My tastes haven't changed, food still tastes wonderful. POLL.....Here's a funny question, Has anyone ever thought that they've heard or felt their old stomach growling right before meal time? I have, at least I think I have! Until, later....God Speed :o)     —

02/04/07 (Over 4 wks Post-Op)

Feb 03, 2007

I've been adjusting to working again & eating the soft diet. I don't feel hungry except in my head but regular food never tasted so good. I'm sticking to what I'm allowed, I would never go thru all this just to mess everything up!!! The G-tube (feeding) still hurts but I'm not getting the really sharp burning pain I was getting. I think the antib. meds finally helped. It took over w week for them to kick in. The doc gave me a creme to put on it which is helping too. I have finally gotten most of my natural energy back !!! Or course, some days are a little better than others but I was always feeling so tired. Now, I'm active & the only thing that slows me down is the G-tube. Its suppose to come out this Wenesday if everything's ok, I can't wait !!!!
Drinking is so much easier now. I still feel thristy a lot, can't ever seem to drink enough. I find it frustrating that I can't drink so long before & after meals because I'm so thristy. A lot of times I would much rather drink than eat anything! But I eat like I'm suppose to, 3 meals a day.

01/25/07 (-25 Lbs since pre-op, I'm now 3 wks Post Op)

Jan 25, 2007

Today was my first day back at work after being out for 3 wks, just 1/2 day. It wasn't too bad but with the g-tube pain I'm glad it wasn't longer. I picked up my antibo. meds & took a dose as soon as I got home & had lunch. You have to take it with food. Oh my gosh, it's some nasty stuff. Its thick & grainy & tastes horrible, 7 days of this stuff, 2X a day. Well, at least it will make the pain & infection go away. 

My doggie is ok. She's old & has back problems. All her tests came out good. So she's just being treated with prestone (steriods) & nausa meds.

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