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I am so pissed right now I could scream bloody murder!!! Lucky for me NORTON called to install my new subscription tonight!!! They were giving my PC the going over and found over 3300 warnings that in the last couple days that I was HACKED!!!! Thanks G

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So I get the mail and my insurance statement says THIS IS NOT A BILL but it is showing I could owe another $300.00 for something that insurance is not covering!!! What do I have this insurance for if it isn't covering anything??????? Says Medicare isn'

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Hi peeps...

Well I lost another good tenant. She passed away last night. Seems all I lose are the good ones here. WHY? So sad over her passing. Going to miss her a lot!

No news on my mammogram or my bone scan yet.

Got a bill in

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Had to create a NEW account to get back on here!! It is ME...JUDY!!! Tried every way possible to get on here and no go!! So I finally tried a NEW account and here I am!!! Hope the moderator approves it!!!

So I won't go into detail until I KNOW

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