on 12/18/18 4:52 pm

I am so pissed right now I could scream bloody murder!!! Lucky for me NORTON called to install my new subscription tonight!!! They were giving my PC the going over and found over 3300 warnings that in the last couple days that I was HACKED!!!! Thanks GOD they called me tonight or my PC would have crashed!!! I am now on a weekly call to have my PC gone over good to make sure everything is good to go!!! If I ever find out it is someone I know they better watch out!!!!!

The tablet I was given is now being taken off the WIFII or what ever you call it and that is going back to cable!!! I don't trust it anymore!!!

Have so many medical bills and now this to add to my stress!!! Thank you to who ever you are!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 12/19/18 4:36 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Good grief, it just keep coming at you. Hope something good starts happening for you.

on 12/19/18 6:54 pm

This hacking is out of control! We got one of our ATM cards hacked about 6 weeks ago. Funny thing is money was sent to an inmate in TX.

Even funnier...NOT...our bank being FDIC insured cover the stolen amount, but told us as long as they could verify we were not reporting this fraudently no charges would be filed against hackers!

Nice, huh?

Here's to wishing you a smoother end to the final days of 2018!


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