I am 34 years old male. I have been heavy all my life. Played almost every sport availible thruout school up till highschool. Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Tball, Baseball.

I went into the hospital with chest and arm pains in June 2019 and was shipped over 200 miles away for fear of a heart attack at the time if i remeber correctly i weighed in at around 465 lbs.  A few months later i kicked my self hard into gear and with other avenues of weight loss not working in the past decided it was time to buckle down and try a tool to help my journy to a healthier life. My first weigh in in sept of 2019 i was at 435 lbs. i buckled down down didnt follow my diet plan as well as i should have at the start but finished really strong  and by the time my surgry came on i was down to 383 lbs i belive. give or take a pound or 2.

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Nov 02, 2019
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