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Officially booked and partially paid for July 24 extended tummy tuck, breast lift, and fat transfer to buttocks. Scared off my rocker, but also so excited. Any encouraging words? I could use them!!

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My periods after surgery are short and sweet, yay, but my PMS is off the charts. I think it’s time to get back on birth control, but I wonder about options other than the pill.

Does anyone use the patch post-surgery? Shot? Ring?


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I have enjoyed reading many previous posts about neck lifts- thanks to everyone who has posted!

I’m 8 months out from RNY, and have been at my stable goal weight for about 2 months. My neck is a mess and doesn’t appear to be “bouncing bac

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I started on some supplemental iron, Vitron-C, this week at the direction of my surgeon. Have been doing three multi Vitamins with iron since surgery as well. My levels are on the low side of the normal range, per the bloodwork from last week.

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Officially 100 lbs lost! Insane. Feels like it has flown by.

I have noticed that I am able to eat a small bit of sweets, like one small piece of chocolate for example, every once in a while without issue. If I have too much, I do not dump but I

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Stall finally broke, and I’m officially in the 100s for the first time since 1999! Feels amazing!

Trying not to boast much to fam and friends so thought I’d share here. :)

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Just a typical “I’ve hit a stallllllll!” post. I know it’s (hopefully) temporary... but so frustrating. Especially being just 2 lbs from being in the 100s. Anyone else hit a 5 month stall? I guess we all get them at random times, just curious i

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I just looked at a pic taken of me yesterday... honestly was shaken, thinking I had a growth or something. Suddenly realized it was my collar bones! :)

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Hi everyone. I am 3 months post-surgery this week. I planned to post here a lot, but find myself not thinking to do it. This new life feels so natural to me, it’s truly second nature. I have always been very regimented except for when it came to my s

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Muscle spasms around the big incision still, at week three. Every real food I try makes my tummy hurt for at least 10 mins. I’m getting half the calories my doc wants me to, but I can’t seem to get any more.

Just needed to vent... I hope t

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pain is 80% gone. I feel pretty good! Can likely start purée stage in on Thursday. Bring it on!!

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(I kinda feel like doing daily updates... if they get old fast, tell me!)

Today I am emotional. I cried on the phone with the pharmacy because my Rx was delayed about 2 hrs. I cried last night because I wanted fried chicken, then I cr

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Tomorrow is my big day... just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have posted helpful advice, anecdotes, and your personal stories here on the forums. I can’t tell you how much help you’ve all been over the past year since I started reading ab

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I will be having my RNY on 7/10. Soooo scared!

I have a few questions, if anyone has a minute to spare and can help me...

  • Should I bring underwear to the hospital, or is this a commando situation? Bra?
  • (I

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Well I think I’m over the big hurdle... sugar detox. I spent two nights sweating through the sheets and freezing my butt off, and had a migraine up until this morning. Hoping the worst is over!

I am wondering if anyone else had the thought I

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Hey gang!

I am scheduled for a lapo RNY on July 10.

I’ve been researching this surgery for over a year, meeting with the surgeon and nutrition for 8 months, and now I suddenly realize I’m in totally denial about how this will chang

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I was wondering if anyone has had an open RNY and would be willing to share their experience. I do have the choice to have a lapo procedure, but I’m not thrilled with the way the lapo doc is handling the pre-surgery stuff (basically no communication

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I am waiting for my insurance approval after 6 months of a supervised diet. Last night, I had an insane nightmare. Basically it was just me on the day of surgery, scared to death. I wanted to call it off but no one would listen to me and the docs were

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Hello everyone,

I have been a ghost/voyeur on this forum for quite some time, and want to thank you all for all of the information and help you’ve given each other. This forum has helped me a lot in my decision making.

My pa

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