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Nov 06, 2018

Okay, it has been a minute since I have been on here. My weight update is that I am at 252.7 as of Sunday, November 4th. I have been trying not to weight myself everyday because I have been battling with IBS during this puree period. I win some battles and it wins some but I plan on winning the war on IBS. 

During my time away I discovered the next best thing since sliced bread (at least for a weight loss patient). I understand why toddlers love this thing so much and never want to let it go. Try taking it from them and they will have a holy fit. I discovered the Sippy Cup. It does not allow excess air in when your drinking and it increases the amount to liquid you can take in. 

I discovered this natural wonder when I was preparing my costume for Halloween, I was going as a Rugrat. Onsie, pacifer, sippy cup and all. I tried it the day before and now take it everywhere with me, including work. It only cost me a $1.00 and I have gotten my money worth and then some. I have put back on the onsie or the pacifer but I have used the heck out of that sippy cup!!!!



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