Mar 31, 2019

HI....on my 53rd birthday this year, 3/20, I took my life back.  I had my surgery.  At 280lbs, I knew if I didnt do this I would end up like my mother, dying at 71 after being in a hospital bed for 10 years.  10 years of pain.   She had a stroke which was brought on by obesity at 61, lost all function of her left side, lost memory but more important lost her life.  She never knew my son the way she should have.  She lost years of life wiht my Dad.  She lost it all.  I refuse to repeat this.  I want to be here for my husband, son, family, friends.  I want to be here for me.  I want to see my son graduate HS in 2 year, College in 6, Grad school in 10, etc. (he wants to be a psychologist so 12 years of college).  I want to see him married and I want to see my grandkids.   Im selfish.  I want it all.

Its been 11 days since my surgery and I'm down 22lbs.  This liquid diet is playing games with my head but I have 2 more days till mushy food and I cant wait.  I never thought that cottage cheese would excite me.  

I've been extremely lucky.  I have a very large group of peple in my life helping me thru this.  My son, husband, family, friends, and huge work family.  This group is pushing me thru the pain, the "did I do the right thing" moments, the tears.  I am blessed. 

Now off to my first shopping trip.  Need to get all my mushy food.

Thanks for reading this.  Stephanie


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