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I am a happy cat.

Today, I entered onederland - I am now the lightest I have ever been in my adult life. I've lost 115 pounds from my highest weight and 87 since surgery. I feel fantastic! I can do things again that I only dreamed of - I ran! I

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Hello gorgeous friends!

I am almost 5 months out now and just had my 3 month post op visit with the nutritionist. I am a bit confused by the advice I received and wanted to check in with the vets.

The nutritionist advised that I start i

Swiggum posted a discussion topic 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi guys,

I am almost 3 months out now and I've started noticing that I'm feeling hungry a lot...quite often when I've just finished or just about to finish a meal.

I wasn't expecting this so soon, so I'm trying to figure out if I'm not

Swiggum posted a discussion topic 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi friendly folk!

For those of you on medications that have to be taken with food, do you wait 30 minutes in order to avoid drinking too soon, or do you find it ok to take them right away?


Swiggum posted a discussion topic 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Friends, this post is gonna get gross, be warned!

I am close to 7 weeks out, and as I'm feeling better, I've been trying to integrate new foods...and many of them didn't go so great. I've experienced three different kinds of bad reactions and I

Swiggum posted a discussion topic 9 months, 1 week ago

Hello lovely friends!

I have a question about sleep - since my surgery, I have had a hell of a time falling and staying asleep. I am getting an average of 4 hours a night and I'm a grumpy Gus. Did anyone else experience this or have any advice?

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I am three weeks out from surgery today and I feel amazing!

When I gave myself the ol' grin and wink in the mirror this morning (which, by the way, we should all do on account of our collective awesomeness) I noticed something.

I have d

Swiggum posted a discussion topic 10 months ago

Hi folks,

I had my surgery on Friday and was sent home with the all clear on Saturday. Last night (Monday) I started to get pain in my legs - kind of like bursitis pain, a dull ache in the bones - in my legs and hips/knees/ankles. Has anyone ex

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Standing in my office kitchen, mixing yet another batch of vanilla torment, when in walk a pair of strangers.

Person 1 turns to person 2 and begins to describe his lunch in the most lurid detail. If it were possible for pasta to be pornographic

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Hello friendly folks!

Does anyone have any recommendations for post-surgery cookbooks, or websites with lots of good recipes?

I am a crappy cook at the best of times, so I'm hoping to get an arsenal of easy recipes ready before my surge

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It's been a year and three months of waiting and I FINALLY had my appointment with the surgeon today, only to find out that they wouldn't be scheduling my surgery until February or March.

Anyone else at TWH ready to pull their hair out? I feel

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Hi everyone!

I am very early in the process (I'm still a month away from my orientation session), but I want to start working on making changes to my diet. 

For anyone who has been working with a nutritionist, do you have any advice? Do

Swiggum posted a discussion topic 2 years, 4 months ago

Hi folks! My GP referred me about 6 weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything back, and I'm not sure who to follow up with. Have any of you lovely people been referred recently and can tell me how long it took for that first contact to get started? I'm i

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