Let’s start back in 2014 when I went through 6 months of approvals and weight loss and when I got my clearance and approval from my insurance I chickened out only to hit my highest weight a year later.  My turning point was when my A1C hit 5.9 and I decided I never wanted to live with Diabetes.  I have friends and relatives who had body parts removed and I did not want that for my later years in life.  I love to travel and I saw that all going away if I did not do something and do it soon. I am 53 years old and I had my surgery in December of 2017 I went in on December 11,2017 for a VSG and left the hospital on December 22nd with a RNY not my plan but it must have been gods. Fast forward to today March 15 and I am doing much better.  I have good eating days and bad ones.  I think food comes up on me more than the regular wls patient but I’m learning to live with it.  And I remind myself I’m alive and loosing weight.  Let’s see where the rest of my journey take me.

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