HeidiS 16 years, 5 months ago

Hi Maggie, Sorry to hear that you have the heart trouble back. I will keep you in my prayers that the surgery gives you back your health and no more problems.

Wanda S. 16 years, 5 months ago

Hi Maggie, I just wanted to thank you for all your support while I was hospitalized and in recovery from the bypass. Jack really benefitted from your words of encouragement and those of so many others. I am so pleased for you with all that you have accomplished. Your numbers are great and you look wonderful in your picture. I am happy that you have cured yourself of diabetes. That is wonderful! You have turned your life around through a lot of hard work and used the tool of gastric bypass well. Good for you! Your journey into the future with good health has been so greatly improved and you must feel so blessed. Take care of yourself. Wanda Smart

~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 16 years, 7 months ago

Congrats on making the century club! You've come far! WTG!!!! Hugs & Shalom (May you be blessed in every aspect of your life) Toots

Julie G. 17 years, 8 months ago

Been thinking about you alot the past 2 days. I'm SO glad to hear things are going well for you. I really look forward to hearing about your progress.

JA 17 years, 8 months ago

Hi Maggie! I'm thinking of you! Hope you are up and around very soon! Just think...no more waiting! GO GIRL GO!!! JA

neilsbabe 17 years, 8 months ago

Maggie, I'm glad to hear you are doing well! I hope you are a BIG loser!!LOL

MChelleLee 17 years, 8 months ago

Hi Maggie! I hope you're doing well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It sounds like things are going good so far. Please keep us updated on everything. Good luck!! :)

Annyone 17 years, 8 months ago

Hey Maggie, Congratulations! You are on your way now!! Anne

Julie G. 17 years, 8 months ago

Doesn't seem that long ago you were frustrated because if was a few days after the seminar and you had not heard from Dr. Valins office. Wow, it's tomorrow. How wonderful. Good luck, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

PookieW2 17 years, 8 months ago

Hey All of you great supporters out there. Maggie is having her surgery tomorrow and could use some words of encouragement. She is going to do just great and I know we all wish her the very best!! Please stop by and sign her surgery page......
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