Hot Chocolate

"Im a huge hot chocolate drinker and to me this tasted 10 times better than my diet Swiss Miss and has over 20g of protien. SOOO YUMMY!"

wild berry drink

"I loved it! I actually love all the smart forme products, they are my favorite company. The juice drinks mix very well and taste even better super cold. I prefer them made in a shaker."

Bari-15 Ready-To- Drinks Vanilla

"I LOVED IT!! Best Ive ever tasted. Definitely give it a try!! I cant wait to try the chocolate."

Bari-15 Cold Drinks Pineapple-Orange

"Yummy! Mixed with a spoon and it didnt get clumpy at all. Lovedd it, and Im picky!"

Bari-15 Cold Drinks Orange

"On my scale, it gets a B. It would probably make a really good powder for someone who likes to experiment with adding other things like fruit to their shakes. I liked that I just mixed it with a spoon and it wasnt clumpy. It had a nice smell too, almost like Tropicana."

Paul Arcand

"The first time I saw Dr. Arcand was at the info session and he looked friendly but he was extremely rushed and had to skip through the presentation because he was needed elsewhere. Although I admire the dedication to his current patients, I wish he was able to devote more time to the new patient orientations. It is a huge program though and maybe they should consider having two surgeons. Over time however I have been able to see how truly dedicated Dr. Arcand is to his patients and practice. He is so kind hearted and really undertands our struggles. He called me at home one night (before he even met me) when I was discouraged and gave me a huge confidence boost. He talked to me like we were old friends, not like some doctors who have a \"god complex.\" He changed my whole attitude and helped me focus on how far Ive come these past two years. Even though his program is one of the more stricter programs, its all worth it. If you follow the rules you have a much better chance for success in the long run. And they emphasize that you will always be their patient and they will always be your support system. Dr. Arcand seems to have every characteristic of an amazing surgeon and he loves his job. After getting to know him I don't think I would trust anyone but him to operate on me."

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Crystal Sky

"Not my favorite. Mix with a spoon instead of blending."

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Roadside Lemonade

"My favorite Nectar but not my favorite protien. Mix with a spoon in 6oz water (do not blend) and add lots of ice."

42g FRUIT PUNCH (12 Pack)

"Tastes like candy! And I'll take 25g protien in 3oz any day!"

Isopure - Blue Raspberry Protein Drink Premixed

"Tastes great! Perfect to bring with you. 40g protien in one bottle. No after taste. At the store I got it from all WLS patients get a 30% discount and when you order cases they mix them will different flavors. Great deal!"
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