I am so absolutely nervous about this life change that is about to occur for me on 12/4/2006.  There are too many reasons for me to name to why I am going to have this procedure, but I am a strong believer that I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. I know for a fact that God does not give us too much that we can bare and this is long overdue.  Smile.

I come from a strong loving family.  We generally used food for quite a few things unfortunately outside of survial means.  Birthdays, promotions, just because days to name a few.  I am considered to be a tall woman 5'11 and my weight always spread out evenly, but when I had my first child I put on 80lbs and could not get it off.  Six years later I had another child and put on about 95lbs and if I lost anything it was not much.  I am a hardworking married (to a wonderful man) woman with two girls (my angels) and one neice (my other angel) that I consider as one of my own.  That's a lot of girls and since I am not having another we (my honey and I) purchased a male boxer puppy to complete my family.  I recently returned to college to finish getting my degree so I am busy and quite tired with all ot the extra weight  that I am carrying.  My parents are my heroes.  They have been married for forty-five years and have endured the test of time and still are together.  Easy no, just blessed from GOD.  I pray to have a union like theirs.  Now words can express what I feel for them without me getting all choked up and crying like a baby.  Smile.  I am a true mess.  LOL.  I have a wonderful sister that is the best thing in the world to me.  We are very close.  Growing up we fought like cats and dogs but not now, we realized somewhere along the line that there is no need for the foolish fighting - put and end to it and a wonderful friendship blossomed.  She is the best and I couldn't be blessed with anything better.  Outside of my husband and sister I have quite a few friends that I consider sisters too.  Thanks for your support.  I love you much.  I am originally from NY but relocated to NC.  Big change a lot to ajust too, but I am loving it on one hand and missing home on the other.  I love it for my children and the extended warm weather.   Yet and still I still miss home a lot, but if I could make it there I can make it anywhere.  Smile. 

My sister advised me of this site once I told her that I was going to have the gastric bypass procedure and I love it.  I can't wait for her to join too.  I am looking forward to meeting new and old members.  Everyone is so supportive and I love it.  I pray that I can be the same for anyone who needs it. 

Again my procedure is occuring on 12/04/2006 at 12 noon and I plan on giving updates constantly. 

Peace and God's Blessings to all.   


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