Better late than never.

May 09, 2009

I have not written on this site in so long and I am truly sorry.   I had my procedure almost two and a half years ago and I have never felt better.   I love it.  I am down 119lbs.  I can only say wonderful things about how I feel since my jorney began.  I have had many comments some good and bad, but I continue to keep focused on what and why I had the procedure and don't let the negative bother me.  I have had many wow moments that have blown me away.  My greatest joy (outside of my kids and immediate family) is when others who are interested in having any type of wls and they come and confine in me regarding their upcoming decision.  If I can be a help to anyone about the decision that I made to have it and it helps them along the way then....Wonderful.  Smile.  I plan to stay in touch more often on this site, but if not, to all reading this, please do any and everything to reach your goal, do not let anything get in your way.  May God continue to bless and keep you...........always. 

Decmeber 13th/My update

Dec 13, 2006

I want to first say thanks to everyone for all of their thoughts and prayers.  I took them with me December 4, 2006 and it helped me all the way.  Thanks again.

I am home and I am doing great.  I am getting a little bored with my protien drinks.  Yucky.  I went and pruchased Isopure and it seems to be a lot better.  My doctor wants me to be on liquids for two weeks and I four more days.  My doctor is very strict and I love it.  I am down already 16lbs.  It may be just water, but hey I'll take it.  While at the hospital my mother fell down a flight of stairs and broke her ankle in two places.  She is doing fine, will be in a cast until March sometime.  Talk about feeling bad, but I am learning that you can't do all things and that you must heal, but it hard when a parent is hurt and you are unalbe to help, but I must heal.  So that is what I am doing at this time.  Healing and walking.  

I like this blog thing.  I will be doing it more often.  I have to go, I must finish decorating my Christmas tree.  I love Christmas and everything about it.  That's a whole other convo.  

Stay Blessed And Encouraged

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