Today I talked Kim from Dr. Neases office called me today and scheduled me for the seminar on May4th. Then i called my PCP and they also scheduled me for the morning of May 4th so i get to run this by him the morning before i go to the seminar.

5/4/06 I went to my family doctor today and he diagnoised me with high blood pressure and ofcourse he put me on medication. plus he told me he would write a letter of medical necessity to have weight loss surgery so this is good news about the letter i am on my way to the seminar tonight.

5/5/06 I went to the Dr. Neases seminar lastnight he was very informative and he didnt sugar coat everything . He really makes you think about the pro's and the con's of the surgery. Today i have been collecting all of my medical records and my pcp told me i can pick up my letter of medical necessity tuesday . So things just keep rolling along .

5/10/06 Today i faxed in my letter of medical necessity and some medical records, then Kim from Dr. Neases office called me at home and scheduled an appointment for my consultation with Dr. Nease for May 16th. Things are rolling along which i am getting nervous, but i have a long road ahead of me.

5/14/06 I went to my consultation today with Dr. Nease He looked at my medical records and He orderd my test since I took Fen Fen he orderd me an echo cardigram. Plus I have an date for my nutrition class on june 12. Things are moving along.I was told as of may 31 Dr. Nease will take medicare. I think cabell Huntington will be a center of excellence after the 31st

6/1/06 It has been awhile since i have posted i have had an echo, a stress test , my psychiatric evaluation. as i know for now that is all i have to have until the class. The more i think about the surgery the more i get nervous about it , but it will be ok.

6/11/06 Tomorrow I am going to my nutrition class I have to be at the hospital by 9AM . I am excited about going to this class. I just want to make sure i can stick with the diet.

6/12/06 I went to the nutrition class The Dietitian Marsha was very nice and informative .She gave us tons of information and explained to us what we need to eat how to eat and the things that were necessary after the surgery. The class taught me alot.

7-14-2006 I am still waiting for my surgery date. I called Kim at Cabell Huntington Hospital she said they should receive their center of excellence hopefully by the end of August. I went to a pain management surgeon and he ran MRI's on my kneck , back , and knee, and a nerve conduction ,plus balance test. He told me i had a torn vesceral in my right knee, two slipped disk in my neck and two slipped in my back. Wow the things you find out. I am hopeing the WLS will help me. I am praying for a surgery date.
I GOT A DATE! 9-11-06
9/15/06 I am home from the hospital , I have finally been able to get on here, it has been tough but if it wasnt for my husband helping me , I wouldnt have made it. but evey day is getting a little easier.
9/19/06 went to Dr. neases to have my tube taken out i have lost 12 pounds since the surgery .. Now i am happier about having this surgery. I smile alot now.
10/20/06 Went back to Dr. Neases office today and I have lost 21 lbs. I have lost 33 1/2 pounds since sept 11th I am very happy . But I was suprised i lost that much.
11/6/06 I have lost 8 more pounds , I have lost 41 pounds in all so far.
11/22/06 Today I decided to try on a smaller pair of jeans, My others was falling off of me , I can finally get into my size 16's but i cant wait to see a 10.

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