Next Month will make 1 year.

Mar 07, 2009

Its amazing how quickly time flys by... and not so long ago i was my old self. I am very happy for the progress i've had. Sometimes i do wish it was more.. but like my Doctor tells me, if i didnt do this surgery.... how long would it really take me to loose 150lb? When i did it in 11 months? he's right. It would have taken me YEARS! lol.. so i am pretty happy! =] Here is my picture.
(**ohh and i started School as a Medical Assistant and when i am done with that, i am going to go to school as a nurse.. RN!**)

This picture where i am wearing yellow.. it is my 20th bday party.

This picture was taken on 03/05/09
I am currently a size 14 and size L or XL in tshirt.
With lots of love.. enjoy.
Andreina T.

PS: I am starting to look around for surgeons.. so when the time is right i will be able to go in for plastic surgery. If anyone knows any good doctors.. let me know!
<3 Me

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New Year Picture

Jan 09, 2009

so this is a picture i put together.. i am close to being 9 months post op. on jan 17th. 2009
please leave comments if u please. - Andreina

man how things change..

7 months post op

Nov 18, 2008

Well right now i am using my cousins computer and i dont have pictures of myself on her website. but i do have a myspace. just go and add me my url is once u add me just write a note saying that you got it from here. anyway. so on nov.17th would be my 7th month of being a post op. i am pretty happy. i am down to a size 18 which seems to be fitting me big at the momment so i am prob. a size 16... lol anyway and i am a size XL in shirts. i went from a size 28 in pants to a size 18 from a 4x in shirts to a xl. it pretty much rocks. oh and let me mention this to yall as well.. i have a boyfriend.. lol yeah yesterday we have 2 months together. it turns out that his mother is 5 years post-op from the gastric bypass surgery.. so i thought that was pretty cool. and omgosh she is sooo pretty. =] anyway... yeah so that is my update. i promise i will post a picture up soon. lol take care everyone and anyone that comes across my page. <3 Andreina

totally bumbed.

Aug 30, 2008

so im 80 lb off.. wow.. 10 lb in a month... that makes me mad.
idk why.. im getting a little frustrated but i know i gotta have patience.. but geezzz @ times i feel like i look the same and then i see old pics of myself and realize im not.. but ahh.. slowly im going crazy. oh and i cut my hair.. so thats another thing. wow. yeah. umm cool beans. ttyl BYE

3 months post op

Jul 16, 2008

today i am 3 months post op!
that means i gotta give my total.
i've lost 70lb so far.
Great stuff...
i still got a long long way to go! lol
<3 yah bunches!

lost some

Jul 07, 2008

so in 12 days i lost 9lb. yay... finally i am OFF the 300's babii wo0oho0o that means i gotta get off the 200's lol.
So that makes a total of 57lb off me. since april 17th 08.
so like... that also means i lost 4 pants size... and 1 bra size.

Guess what?

Jul 02, 2008

so 2 of my x like me again? idk why. BUT i know i didn't do anything to lead them on. so thats a plus for me.

anyway.. lately i've been kinda sad about everything and i have no damn reason for it. its kinda weird. and then i get all happy.. and i dont understand myself. lol

so i am excited about one thing. I'm going to the beach in a week. and i am fully looking forward to it.

and in case u were wondering about Chris deal, so he still hasn't tried to call and apologize for not letting me know whats up.. and how do i see this? typical him... so i'm just kinda like "whatever" about it.

atleast i am happy to say i went down another pants size. i decided to quit looking @ the scale and just live my life. and it's working. lol.. i like telling difference when clothes start fitting me and clothes start falling off me! hehehe. GO ME
ok peace and love babaii

Changed my mind

Jun 29, 2008

so i totally changed my mind about Chris. You know what.. i hate when i get all like excited about hanging and have a great time hanging out and i get soo excited i want to do it again..

but u know.. sometimes all good things come to an end.
ii really need to just be how i was. not worry @ all about any lil guys. funny thing he woke me up @ 2am and told me he loves me and said he would come over today and for us two to hang out..

he never did.. maybe i am over reacting idk.
but thats why i am not going to let him know or show that it affects me. i'm just going to not care.
so.. yeah.. lol... i'm done with that. Just an update.

I really don't know

Jun 28, 2008

so today was my whole hanging out with Chris right?
So how bout today everyone decided to hang out. That included my 2 brothers, my twin cousins, my brother and mine bestfriend, and my bestfriend Adriana. LOL

@ first we were alone (me and chris) and we had nothing to talk about. He was kinda shy and so was i.. then as we kinda started getting flirty with each other..... the doorbell rings and its everyone.. i was like darn. But we had a GREAT day.. we had a lot of fun cuz he was messing with the twins who are like 7 and throwing them around and omgosh.. we had ALOT of momments together in the pool. He hugged me and was like holding on to me and and it was just sweet and i didnt want  it to end.. but it ended cuz he had to go home and do something for his mom.
i was so upset... but ahh i had fun fun fun.

so then my 2 bestfriends and i decide to go to out to eat and yeahhh...
we went to chilli's i asked the lady if she had a kids menu and she looked @ me funny.. lol.. it was pretty funny just watching her react.  then we went back to my house and one of  my friends went home and Adriana which is my other bestfriend stayed a lil longer and we were doing keraoke.. lol twas fun! ok.. i'm out..

i have a prob tho. i think i'm falling for this kid.. but i am so afraid to. i don't want it to be like last time. ahh i dont like being attached.. so i guess i gotta go back to myself and not stress over that.. cuz if i do i get all weird and then things happen.. and its usually not cool.
but yeah.. thats my update on that!
anyone wanna go on a date with me?????? hahaha
<3 Andreina


Jun 26, 2008

talk about something exciting.. haha
so guess what people? i have a story to tell u. Here it goes.
So I was dating this guy before and he was like my bestfriend before we went to becoming more then that. When i found out i was going to have the surgery for sure i told him about it. He got a upset and said, if u go on and do it, u will have a lot of guys be more attracted to you and then you would leave me. (no confidence?) I told him if i KNEW i was going to have this i would have left u right now, except i want ur support.. etc. I also told him that yeah looking better and feeling confident is a bonus.. but i'm doing this for my health and my future. So i can be able to have kids and be healthy.
So we broke up.

he still liked me but i put a distance and so did he. Then after i left to Venezuela and came back 2 months later... he starts leaving me messages saying he wants to talk to me.
he never asked if i did the surgery and i will not tell him unless he asks.

so anyway... we've been talking on the phone for a bit but i never bring up the fact when are we going to hang out. If HE wants to see me.. let him ask me and let him come to ME.  So last night he called me and was like..

When can i come see you and hang out with u? I said i dont know, you tell me when u want to plus this sat i'm going to my dads place. chill in his pool and stuff.
(my dad lives closer to him then i do to him) and he's like well can i come to ur dads place then? i was like hahahaha.. sure....

sooo i'm excited to see what's going to happen.
we stayed up talking on the phone until 3:45am

i mean we talked about a lot of things. but i didn't want to be like... YEAH I LIKE U A LOT I WANT TO BE WITH U BLAH BLAH... NO!!!

cuz i always tried to make us work.. and now it's his turn if he wants to make us work...

soo yeah thats whats going on.. soooo i can't wait!! lol

i'm sure it's going to be fun cuz we always have fun goof off when we are together. alrighty soooo leave comments.. haha

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