My first name and the name I go by every where else but here is Dianne,Annie is my middle name,I chose Annie'shope as my user name,because I feel I have been less than who I can be because of the restriction of my weight,my weight had gotten the best of me....literally,I have been exsisting and on some levels have had much happiness in my life,but my weight has limited me.....I want my whole life,my full potential,I want to give the world around me my full attention and not be distracted and restricted by my weight,So I have chosen to go by Annie to include ALL of who I am....the hope represents more than a wish,it is my faith in God and the plans and potential He has for me...lead me on.
I am the fifth child in a family of six siblings........I'll be back!

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Riverview, NB
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Nov 03, 2007
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