3 weeks out

Nov 11, 2008

So i'm 3 weeks post-op tomorrow and as of this morning i was down 40 lbs!!!!  I can't believe it....it's been quite a rollercoaster so far though.  I"m not getting in the full protein and i'm having some trouble with the protein shakes.  Can't seem to find any that i like.  But moving to purees has helped a little.  I"m living on turkey bowls from wawa and egg salad in the magic bullet!  Still can't chew anything but man, does that taste good!  I have to start up an exercise plan soon too.  I got a treadmill for my birhthday so i'll probably be starting that this week.  Got to drive today for the first time since surgery, and even though it was only to take my son to the doctor it was like being released from prison!  I can go out of the house on my own now!!!!!!!  Things are going pretty well so far, i just hope that i can continue to make this progress.

Getting a little nervous!

Oct 02, 2008

Ok, so i have to go next week and get my filter installed (to prevent blood clots from travelilng to my lungs)......i feel like a car engine!  And then the nutrition class and test are on Thursday and now only 3 weeks left! I hope i don't have to redo any tests.  I'm getting nervous, especially since my sister had quite a few complications after hers last week.  I just can't wait for it to be all over!!!

Met with Dr. Bonanni today

Jun 12, 2008

Ok, so i met with Dr. Bonanni today.  First, let me say that he is really nice.  I felt so comfortable with him and he really took the time to explain everything to me.  However.......there's alway a BUTT with me!  I left feeling so discouraged.  I found out that i have to see the pulmunary guy, the vascular guy, have the sleep study done, get an ultrasound of my legs to make sure i don't have any blood clots already, have the filter "installed" 1-2 weeks before surgery and on top of everything lose 16 lbs before surgery. Then found out that i have an umbilical hyrnia which will be taken care of during surgery and the abdominal muscles are weakened (i forget the name for that though) Ok, i know that i have to do all of this for my own safety but MORE testing?!?!  It's so hard to make all of these appointments and find someone to watch my son,  he has to come to most appointments with me.  Poor kid!  He did recommend the DS for me though, i had a feeling that was coming.  I want this so bad but i feel like it's never going to happen, there's always something.  And to make me feel even better he told me today that im considered SUPER morbidly obese......i want to know if i get a red cape with the letters MO on the back?!?!?  Yes, sarcasm helps me get through in case you didn't notice.  Hadn't been told that before.  I think this is the one time that super kind of loses is lustre!  

Well, i have alot to sleep on, tomorrow will be another day.  Have to call and make my appointment for the scope.  Hopefully Jamie won't be as much of a bitch to me as she was to my sister! 

Meeting with Dr. Bonanni next week

Jun 02, 2008

Well, i've gotten all of my testing finished and just have a physical therapy consult on Thursday and then I meet with Dr. Bonanni on the 12th.  I'm a little nervous meeting him because I guess it will all be real then.  Then a few more tests and hopefully approval.  I'm teetering between the VSG and the DS.  I"m not sure which will be best for me but i'm sure he'll let me know. I can't wait to meet with him and really get the ball rolling.  I am so ready for this surgery now. 

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