May 12, 2013

Hello My Oh Family,

   It has been way to long and I know that it is hard for you to come and visit once you have lost the weight because you are doing and living through things you were either unable or not willing to do. But I have made it my mission to no abandoned you or any new comers because when I needed one of you your stories and progress helped me through. So thank you!!

So what have I been doing. I have been loosing the weight and have maintained it at my goal which is 151 lbs. I still keep the same diet as directed. I think I do because it works for me. I do have a chocolate bar every now and then but this time I listen to my body and not my mind saying "umm this is good, eat it all"lol. I don't jog or exercise like others, I do however walk and dance it off. I will dance a pound off like no other. DMBO. Hey!! do what works for you if exercising works then exercise, if walking well hey you get it DO YOU!

I have enrolled in Grad school and will be graduating in 2014. I'm becoming a social worker among other things I have been in school for ever I just love trying new things. However I will say this is my last school run and I will plant my feet and make a bigger difference then what I have been already. So has life been working for me? Yes!!! Did the surgery have anything to do with it? Yes!! It gave me my life back. A life to run and have energy to play with my girls, a thrive to feel sexy to completely hold nothing back from my husband, and let me tell you too good toooo good. 

So I leave you with this... I not only dropped the weight, I dropped things in my life that were doing me harm as well. This surgery is a new start, a new way to live so while you are waiting for the pounds to still drop or you are happy where you are now... change what you want and keep what you must but live for you, don't allow anything to stand in your way. Love you all!!!


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