4 years post op

Feb 04, 2014

well it has been 4 proud years since I have lost the weight. I'm so happy. I will be graduting with my master come May and I am over joyed. Life is good Just checking in. If anyone needs any support or advise I'm always here.



Dec 01, 2013

Well.Hello all!!! I hope all is going well and the pounds are dropping off. It has been awhile since my last post but I try not to forget the one place that helped me through my journey. So what have I been up to lately? well I'm in graduate school at UCS. GO! TROJANS. That is a another story for another time but a happy one. I have found myself. It took awhile but I have found the person that I was meant to be. Don't get me wrong I'm the same person just a person who is comfortable with herself and the choices I make. Well I wanted to vent and to say I will not give up the fight because I have come to far to go back!!. 



May 12, 2013

Hello My Oh Family,

   It has been way to long and I know that it is hard for you to come and visit once you have lost the weight because you are doing and living through things you were either unable or not willing to do. But I have made it my mission to no abandoned you or any new comers because when I needed one of you your stories and progress helped me through. So thank you!!

So what have I been doing. I have been loosing the weight and have maintained it at my goal which is 151 lbs. I still keep the same diet as directed. I think I do because it works for me. I do have a chocolate bar every now and then but this time I listen to my body and not my mind saying "umm this is good, eat it all"lol. I don't jog or exercise like others, I do however walk and dance it off. I will dance a pound off like no other. DMBO. Hey!! do what works for you if exercising works then exercise, if walking well hey you get it DO YOU!

I have enrolled in Grad school and will be graduating in 2014. I'm becoming a social worker among other things I have been in school for ever I just love trying new things. However I will say this is my last school run and I will plant my feet and make a bigger difference then what I have been already. So has life been working for me? Yes!!! Did the surgery have anything to do with it? Yes!! It gave me my life back. A life to run and have energy to play with my girls, a thrive to feel sexy to completely hold nothing back from my husband, and let me tell you too good toooo good. 

So I leave you with this... I not only dropped the weight, I dropped things in my life that were doing me harm as well. This surgery is a new start, a new way to live so while you are waiting for the pounds to still drop or you are happy where you are now... change what you want and keep what you must but live for you, don't allow anything to stand in your way. Love you all!!!


2 Year anniversary

Jan 26, 2012

 OMG!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy Iam that I have made my weight goal and have maintained it for 2 yrs now. I so love my new life and found body. I now have invested my time into getting my girls perky and ready. I also have been trying to tone up my problem AREAS. Although even minor as those things are I'm still happy for the overall success. So just some words....keep pushing ur self don't give up and remember there is light at the end of the journey.
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Being me

Sep 28, 2011

Hello friends,

   It has been a long time since I have been on here so just doing my update. I'm currently at 160lbs and wear a size 8 in woman's and 11 in juniors. I enjoy the feeling that I have found myself again. Its as though I never gained weight after my children although photos still remind me of where I came from and where I don't want to go.  I like the size I'm at although many people think I'm smaller then I really am. I plan on getting my "girls" done next year. Just to give them their life back as well. Not trying to go real big just to a full c. I have to say I enjoy life. I still maintain my same diet don't eat sweets and stay away from large portions. Although the vitamins are a need to remember thing. But what can I do I traded one problem in for another and I have to say the vitamin problem is not that bad. Well I have moved and enrolled my girls in public school which is working out well. I enjoy everything the Lord has blessed me with. I could not have wished for a more blessed or enjoyable life then the one I have. I do hope all of you are still working toward a goal and shedding or maintain the weight. My new goal is to get a job using my sociology degree. Well until next time Stay thin and healthy.

Living Life

Jul 19, 2011

Well it has been a year and a half and I have been feeling great. I wear a size 8 in pants and a dress size 6. I love the way my body transformed. I thought I would have lots of loose skin but I don't in fact my elasticity almost went back to its original form. I have lost my breast area but plan to fix that this coming year. Nothing real major. I have also lost my butt but have been working on that in the gym so things are looking up. I have and forever found myself again and love it. I still remain on my diet that I was given I just add a little more for nutrients. Although I do have a home made cookie every now and then. I love the size I am and have become comfortable in my own skin. I do wish the rest of you the same and hope all is going well on your continued journey. Till next time.

Holiday vent

Dec 18, 2010

Hello Every 1,

  Just stopping by to say everything is going great. I'm getting those "ur too skinny comments and looks but I say the hell with them. Comment now when I'm loosing the weight snicker behind my back when I was two tons of fun. I'm doing me and loving it. I hope you all remember why you got the surgery and keep it as the motivation you will need to put "those" people in their place. 

  Well I just want to say I wish all a happy holiday and hope ur goals are still in place. May you have a blessed New Year and continue to work towards your goal. Happy Holidays
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100+lbs Gone forever!!1

Oct 19, 2010

Well OH fam I did it. I lost those pounds and I ahve to say I feel good. My husband asked me if I felt as though I left the person I was before the surgery in the hospital. I told him no she will always be a part of me the part that reminds me I don't want to go back. So My update. I wear a size 8 in jeans small medium in shirts. I even lost a shoe size that is crazy. I'm fine where i'm at although I have 40lbs to go I think I'm going to stop. Gotta keep some meat for the hubby. I always joke and ask him so where soes the fat go. I mean I had it and now its gone its almost like it fatporized. lmao. I have to say that I made the right choice for my family, me, and myself. I tell anyone who ask because I'm not ashamed. I feel happy and hell if it will make them happy to know so bad why not tell them. I used to be the one asking wishing I could get it. Now i have done it and have no regreats. I have to say I'm not so bold to wear some hoochie shorts but I will be rocking a fly halloween costume this year. I feel that I'm the person I should have been had I have made the right choices from the start. Although the plus side of me is gone she will always be my inspiration to staying healthy not thin.

I hope all of you have a reason to why you don't want to go back and hang on to it. Get a lot of support and hang on to it. begin to know yourself again. Begin to love yourself again inside and out. Begin to live life like it was always meant to be. Because baby I'm going to live every pound I lost you hear me! So I'm yelling high "I MADE IT, I HAVE LOST 100+ AND I'M NEVER GOING BACK" And I'm saying never. Till next tilme Oh FAM.
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Slowing down

Sep 28, 2010

Well Oh fam I have lost most of my wieght and am feeling good. I mean I'm feeling real good. I'm at a point were my body is satistfied regardless of the goal. Although I'm not going back to how things were before I still think I want some meat on my bones. So for now I'm trying to maintain my weight. Well sorry it took so long to drop a line but you know how it is when your loosing and feeling good. So I hope all of you are on or close to meeting your goals. Have a blessed week.
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Life altering

Aug 30, 2010

Well Oh Fam I'm finally in my hundreds. I thought this moment would never come but it has. I really enjoy my life. I find myself doing things I use to do but then have to take a step back just admire that I'm doing it again. I have come so far that my life seems as though my "heavy" life never was. I know I'm the same person just pounds lighter although it feels so natural now. I don't want to sound conceited but I love life so much more. I find myself wearing clothes I would have never considered. I took photos for my husband that I would have normally erased afterword's. But I look at a photo now and find myself saying " damn girl you look good".

  The only problem I have now is knowing how much I want to loose and I think at the moment I want to loose 20 more lbs  but the doctors want me to loose 50lbs more. I like were I'm at now. I wear a size medium in shirts and a size 11 in pants. I'm 5'7 and don't want to be walking around like a pole so I'm going to continue to work on toning it up and shaping up the butt. Other then that I have come full circle in my journey.

  I do wish all of you the best in your journey and hope you find the weight goal that suits you best.

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