Good Times

Apr 07, 2009

I'm slow to progress, but I'm having a good time.  I try not to get too disappointed and think about the positive.  My daughter who has a weighty problem and has struggled since she was little, is getting the gastric sleeve in May and I'm going to  San Diego to be with her.  I'm excited for her.  She's only 28 and will have many years of happiness ahead.  She has a one year old that will keep her going on and on and on....He's my 7th grandchild. 

I've noticfed that my blood sugars are dropping extrememly low after 2-3 hours of eating. 35-45.  I'm going to go back to eating every 3 hours to see if that helps.  I've not had problems with eating.  Drinking (water) is still a struggle for me, but I sip all day now and it's helping.

Getting the garden you believe the sun is out in Washington for 3 consecutive days???! 
So much to little time.



Sep 14, 2008

 On September 3, 2008 I went into surgery smiling and came out smiling even bigger.  Being the perfect patient I went home the next day!
I used very little medication and walked, walked, walked.  I think using the smallest amount of pain meds made it better.  No nausea, vomiting or drowsyness....I wanted to be on top of it so I could get my body awake and ready to function.  I was told I had to pee by 2:30 p.m. and by 2:28 they got their wish! lol.  My mother says it's all in the good training I recieved as a child. lol.
 I spend the next week with my parents to avoid my dogs.  They still get too excited when they see me and jump, so with a drainage tube I didn't feel too safe. 
 Today is the 14th, I've lost 19lbs and I'm home feeling great.  I can't say enough how grateful I am to the Dr. Sebesta team, the nurses and staff at Madigan.  They treated me like I was family.

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