Kari Smith

Apr 06, 2009

It has taken me a lot of time bring myself to post this -  My sister had RYN and died 6 weeks later. Catastrophic medical mistakes. The autopsy said she had 2 perferations ( holes) to her bowel and basically died from septic shock , her heart stopped. She had had a dialation of some scar tissue a week before she died that mostlikely caused it. The real problem was her after care. If she had lived an hour from her surgeon she'd still be with us. As it happened she lived in an isolated rural  area with a very very small hospital. The Dr there did not communicate well with her surgeon who was 3 hours away.

No one here really is interested in the details, no one who has had or will have this surgery wants to think this could be them. " We all know the risks" I have hear a million times. The surgery did not kill my sister. Her surgeon is one of the best. What killed her was the medical communities ill knowledge of what this surgery is. Rural Drs are the life line of small towns, they are looked on as more than simple humans they are god like. Why would we question them. I knew that they were not doing enough for her. I lit a fire under her Dr the day before she was transfered. I put the squeeze on for him to call her surgeon, but I was too late. Drs make estimated guesses. My husband is an Eye Dr he tells me this all the time.

DO NOT TRUST A  DR OVER WHAT  YOUR HEART TELLS YOU, please be the squeaky wheel. I will never again feel that  they know more than me. Had I listened to The Spirit Of God or my instincts as some say and not a man I'd still have my best friend. That said I know God is in charge he decides when we enter this world and when we leave it.

My sister Kari Smith left 4 kids aged 6 - 13 , she will be missed beyond any word can convey.

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