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before my surgery and got down to 200lbs. About 2 years ago my band started to slip and keeping proper restriction was no longer possible with my saline fills. I have a 10cc band and I have around 6cc's of saline in my band with 4cc's left to fill. I would like to have a revision surgery to get my band back in place but it would cost me about the same thing to go ahead and either get a new band or get the gastric sleeve surgery since I have to travel to Mexico since my insurance will not cover any gastric surgical procedures. I am in no pain but I only have partial restriction and now weigh 275lbs. Fills are also a challenge for me now due to Fill Centers USA closing its doors and cash pay with local physicians is in the $1,000's rather than in the $100.00's due to insurance liability I suppose. I'm forced to work with what I have right now and don't have a lot of options available which don't start out less than what I originally paid for my surgery, around $10,000. Trying to eat healthy and find any excuse I can not to excercise. If you get a Lapband please be sure to be able to follow up with your surgeon on a regular basis to help you maintain your procedure. Was told today that it would be a minimum of $10,000 to get revision surgery in Chattanooga,TN, but a new band would cost just a few thousand more. Unfortunately I don't plan on hitting the lottery any time soon so I'm just gonna keep searching for other options that are more affordable. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Matt
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