Yeah Me!!!

Apr 29, 2010

 I finally saw the scale move this week!!! 2lbs   I now have 23 lbs to hit my goal! I am so excited I started losing again. This stall was the longest ever. I do have to attribute my loss to working out....  I was able to pull 4 days this week so far with a minimum of 2 miles each day. I am hoping I continue to lose this week! I have my 9 month apt and I am going to approach the doctor about having surgeries!!!  Keeping my fingers crossed.

weight slowly coming back off

Mar 11, 2010

 I am so glad that i am finally losing again.!!! I need to reach goal ASAP!!!  I need to make my self a priority and see this through! I'd hate to waste this wonderful opportunity!!!

Weight starting to fall again

Mar 10, 2010

 I was so happy on Monday .. After a month and a half stall I dropped 5 lbs. Small victory but victory none the less!!!

Size 11

Feb 22, 2010

 I bought a pair of 11 candies jeans thinking ill wear them in a couple of weeks ... Yeah they fit now!!!  Still at a stall but just started cycle so hoping thats the reason why....


Feb 19, 2010

 I'm at a stall!!! Scale is not moving but something is going on for sure!! The size 13 Candies  I just bought ... I can take them off without unbuttoning... Small victory.. Should have bought 11s ...  Think I may go ahead and buy the 9s to have something to look forward too!!!!  


Feb 07, 2010

 Yeah! i am down 70 lbs . OMG I haven't seen 157 since right before i was preggers with my first child 13 years ago. I am so excited with all the changes I am going through and cant wait for the next couple of months to reach my goal. I am trying for 115 lbs so that when I get plastic I will be at normal for my body weight. I cant wait!! Just means I am going to have to work extra hard!!!   

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