I am glad I am finally am doing this surgery, I have been researching this for about a year but have been wanting it longer, my Dr is Dr.Iannace, I feel very comfortable with him, he made me make the right decission instead of the wrong, my tenative date for surgery is July 20th, Toby said 80% that she can get me in sooner which I really hope she can, I am 5'5 1/2" at 229.1 pounds my highest ever, I want it all gone, I will be happy and even happier shopping for clothes that show me off istead of hiding me. I am so excited but a bit nervous right now.

Well today I had my nutritional evaluation, and that went very well, she said I did know alot of what I should be doing and that she thinks that I'll do well after surgery, which made me feel great, so after I went in the back with a nurse, and she weighed me and I gained weight now I am up to 301.2, my heighest ever, I am so happy that I'll be getting this surgery, I also found out at the dr's office that the Insurance Approved the Surgery YAY! I am full of joy, and I finally told my father about it, he is supportive which is great, and I also told my grandmother, and she was supportive about it also. all I have to do now is get the tests done on june 28th and get medical clearance from my dr and then the other test done 2 days before surgery, I also went to GNC today, and got everything I need, they are so much better the target and anyother place, they know there stuff and very helpfull, I had a really cute guy named Stan helped me and he asked if it was for the surgery I said yes and he sugested the best formulas for me and I took his adivce for my stand point not really knowing anything about vitamins or protein mixes so hopefully it will work, he also told me to come back if i need anything else and they will help my needs and go one on one and help which I thought was great, I can't wait for July 20th to come, well I should get in bed its getting late, i'll update when I have a chance, take care everyone

well finally I had my pre op testing and it went very well,the hospital is gorgous, I can't wait to have my surgery on July 20th, Monday July 3rd I go to get medical clearance for the surgery, its going by so fast, and I have to thank my angel Deidre she has been there this whole time helping me out and answering questions, I can't wait to finally meet her on the 12th. well its getting late must go to bed have to work the weekend

yesterday I was 2 months Post Op and I feel great, down 47.7 pounds, I am hopefully joining a gym very soon to work out so I can loose some faster, gotta look good by next summer when the family goes away haha, anyway I am so close from being down 50 pounds, I wanna work out and loose it fast, I must be going alot to do today, have to go find some things for my bf's daughter and my new neice i'll post in a month or two


Friday was my 3 month post op appt. dr said he is very pleased with the weight loss and was very happy when I told him I joined Curves, Just that i need to eat more solid foods, but he was very happy with me loosing 63 pounds


almost 11 months post op and I am down 127 pounds I am with a wonderful man and inlove with him


Well here I am 14 months post op and i am down around 130 pounds, i jump up and down every once in awhile, the one thing i hate is my eating habits, i wish i could stick with the way i should eat but everyone knows its the crap that stays down, anyway i feel great look great and i work out atleast a hour everyday after work so 5 or sometimes i'll go on my days off and that makes me feel great too, i have a wonderful boyfriend and I am very happy, hopefully it will stay that way, well there is my update see everyone soon



I had my surgery 7 years ago in a few months in those 7 years i have lost 135 pounds and still loosing, i have gotten married to a wonderful man almost 4 years and have a 2 1/2 year old son who is my world i cant express how happy i am that i have done this surgery and wouldnt look back

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