Jun 07, 2011

i got my band  20 oct 2010 went in at 260 now 208 feal great

stranger in the yard

May 23, 2011

My hubby was in  the back yard and i was  in the garden he started to come to the garden to see who was messing with my solar lights then he looked again and it was just me he said i looked so different he sees me everyday     LOL LOVE MY HUBBY


Apr 17, 2011



AMOS Association for Morbid Obesity Support
BBL Be Back Later
BF Boyfriend
BI Breast Implants (PS Term)
BIL Brother In Law
BL Belt Lipectomy (PS Term)
BRB Be Right Back
BT Butt Tuck (PS Term)
BTDT Been There. Done That.
BTW By The Way
CBL Circumferential Body Lift (PS Term)
CC Carb Countdown (product brand name)
DD Dear/Darling Daughter
DH Dear/Darling Husband/Hubby
DIL Daughter In Law
DS Dear/Darling Son or Duodenal Switch
DW Dear/Darling Wife
FBL Full Body Lift
FF Fat Free
FIL Father In Law
GF Girlfriend
GL Good Luck
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
GTG Got To Go
HTH Hope This/That Helps
IMHO In My Honest Opinion
JK Just Kidding
LBL Lower Body Lift (PS Term)
LMAO Laughing My A$$ Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud
MIL Mother In Law
MUAH Sound that a kiss makes
NP No problem
NSV Non Scale Victory (ie can fit in an airline seat, exercising more ...)
OFF Over Fifty Forum (BMI Over 50)
OH Obesity Help
OMG Oh My God
OT Off Topic (not related to weight loss or obesity issues)
PB Productive Burp
PCOS Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PITA Pain In The A$$
PMP Peeing My Pants
RL Real Life
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
RT Real Time
SV Scale Victory (ie reached a weight goal)
SMTO@U Sticking My Tongue Out At You
SF Sugar Free
SIL Sister/Son In Law
TBC To Be Continued
TL Thigh Lift (PS Term)
TMI Too Much Information
TT Tummy Tuck (PS Term)
TTFN Ta-Ta For Now
TTYL Talk To You Later
TY Thank You
TYVM Thank You Very Much
WB Welcome Back
WTG Way To Go
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YW You're Welcome


Apr 14, 2011

why do the ones that don't have a band have to be so mean to the ones that have it and have good luck with it we all made our own choice and most of us are doing well with the choice some that are not it is there own fault and they ad mitt to it so just complain about your own bad choice not what the rest of choice to go with


Mar 15, 2011

thank you for blocking me this says what  had to say to you was the truth.


Mar 15, 2011

had to have unfill since i could only eat standing up dr said no one has ever told him that before.


Feb 24, 2011

does any one have the wii fit do you like it?

eating out

Feb 20, 2011

My support group is meeting at Ruby Tuesdays has any one gone there since surgery what is best to order

you have to look

Jan 30, 2011



Jan 19, 2011

Ok question had fill Friday today cant get the amount of food in at a meal so how are we suppose to get in the protein we need if  we fill up so fast its not a feeling of being to tight just get full fast. got my answer today from my nutritionist if we realy want the veggies cut back on protein  add more protein later if we still need to get the proper amount for the day other wise all protein is ok

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