Well, I have had weight issues most of my life.  They pretty much started at puberty.  Back then I didn't see anything wrong with the way I looked, but some people did.  I was forced to go on some pretty crazy diets...and that I believe started the roller coaster ride my life has been on since.  

I have tried just about every diet on the market and some that weren't.  I have also tried most legal OTC pills and powders to try and lose weight.  I came to the conclusion that all of these work...until you stop following them...then you gain all the weight back plus some in most cases.  I have lost as much as 80 pounds on some of the diets...but the weight came back.  I have been up and down forever it seems...but in the last few years it has been more up then down and I finally admitted that I can't live like this any more.  I had been thinking about the surgery for just about 6 years and researching it, but never actaully asked my doctor to forward a recommendation...

I finally just knew I needed to make some drastic decisions and life style changes.  I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to live...that is when I started to check into WLS.  So far things have been falling into place and I guess that is because it is the right time for me.  My husband and children are very supportive of my decision.  Our families are too. 

I did not choose to have surgery because I didn't like my body...I decided to have surgery so that I could live the life God intended me to.  I have some serious health conditions to include High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, pre diabeties, gout, depression, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, chronic inflamation, and so many other ailments...way more then a 40 year old should have!!!

Any way...things are moving along and I am grateful for the journey!

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