Patricia Stephenson

I have finally made up my mind

Jan 20, 2007

  I have been told by three of my doctors that if I don't have WLS that I am not going to be around long.I have so many problems that I guess I don't have a choice now.
 I have been praying for a sign to let me know that I am doing the right thing. I got my sign today. If I had any more doubts, I am over it now. I could not walk outside to get in the car to go to the beauty shop with out a walking cane.I decided that this has to be the sign I was looking for.My knees hurt so bad and I was so out of breath.I know it is time. I started in 2005 thinking about this,I was just so scared. I also wanted Dr Dennis Smith and he didn't take my insurance or medicare. He does take it now. I talked to the receptionist Friday and she told me yes they do take medicare,yet another sign.My family is behind me on this and they wern't the last time. When the paper works comes and I get them feeled out ,I will make the first appointment and go full steam ahead.

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I have finally made up my mind