13 Days and counting

Jul 04, 2008

I have 13 days and waiting!! I am excitied! and scared all at one time!!  I have done 2 days of liquid diet!! That is horrible!! Not to mention the caffene withdraws! I have had a headach all day!!! I finally gave in and made me some tea sweeten with splenda and I feel much much better!!

Next week we are cleaning my bedroom and laundry room from top to bottom!! I go to doctors office next Thursday!! I have pre op testing,and all that fun stuff!!!!

On Sat. I am having a birthday party for our oldest. He will be 9. Then Sunday we will go to the fair!!  So I will be there until t day of my surgery!! I think that will help the week go by!!! I hope so anyway!!!

First Road Block!!

Mar 11, 2008

Well I was handed my first road block today!! I had been on here trying to find out info from a friend, when my caseworker called from JFS. He needed me to the managed care program to make sure they had me with Monila. Which really upset me since I have been asking about Caresource and heard all the horrible things!! I was on the phone 4 times and for two hours, most of which was on hold. I was so upset. I called my doctors office and they got me in touch with a woman from Montgomery Co. Who was able to tell me what paper work I would need to so I could get around the run around I was getting.

I called MC people back. I told the lady I just had a general question, and she smarted something off. I had it. I asked for a manger!!! By the time he got on the phone my body was shaking I was so mad. I told him my situation, and while I was telling him I cried. I told him I was sorry. I was just so upset. That I had health issues that were not covered and I was told the guidelines say that I can change my enrollment for the first 90 days. It does not even go in effect until April 1st. He told me he understood me being upset, and told me that he was transfer me to his manger!!

I got on the phone with his manger! He seemed very nice, said that he would talk with the local enrollment people and call me back tomorrow. He seemed very positive!! He told me once we got things switched that I needed to have any surgeries approved. I never told him it was a WLS. But he seemed very positive. So I hope and pray he calls back tomorrow and says it is all straigten out!!

This was just so heart breaking, because I just found out I have a sleep apena which would meant I would meet the requirments. I have done all the test but Upper GI!! I had PCP clearance. So everything was going so good!!! Then this!!! Please if you pray, pray that this all works out!!

Also if you have any info on caresource please do share, cause my friend is still going to give this a shot!!

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