Band no more. I’m free and this my friend is dangerous!

Jun 24, 2019

So June 6th starts out at 430am. Showered with the anseptic soap. Which you use the night before as well. Put on your fresh clean just washed clothes, brush your teeth and hair but no Deodorant and perfume. That was hard for me. So into the car. Arrive at the hospital at 515AM told to be there at 530AM. 15 minutes to spare. Wait after checking in a nurse training another stops by to say Hi and ask for my info then after confirming says your surgery is Out Patient. She asks who’s taking me home I said my husband and introduced them. So she said we’re taking her back and will come get you once we get her set. So I change, Get IV with Antibiotics and then my hubby comes in. We talk and then the team rolls in and introduce themselves. My team and Dr. Weinchick was Amazing anyway I kiss my hubby and gets rolled away. They give me something to relax me I notice the night and day feel from Lapband to Removal Surgery. This time the room is not freezing but comfortable. The walls have color yellow and blue. I can see the light and where the tools are or will go. They say they’re going to give me oxygen and I said are you putting me to sleep now? Nope just oxygen now sweetie. Then they see this needle it’s going in and you will go to sleep. They say good night I get out good before I’m out. I wake up on my own no shaking of the feet just come out in your own. I see the nurse and she says welcome back. We’re admitting you. I’ll blog the rest tomorrow. 



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