well, i guess to start i've been overweight pretty much my whole life. and of course i was one of the people that others chose to pick on because of my weight. i rarely dated in high school, not because i didnt want to but when youre in school guys dont pick the fat girl to date no matter how much they may like you. i met my husband at work when i was in high school, but we never got really serious until after i graduated. the october after i graduated high school we finally got serious. a year later in november our son was born. before i had gotten pregnant for him i had lost some weight but not nearly as much as i wanted to. 3 years later our daughter was born. of course once again right before i got pregnant i'd lost some weight but again not as much as i needed to or wanted to. 3 years ago (or more) i started researching gastric bypass when i found out that a girl that i had gone to high school with had the procedure done. not to long afterwards my cousin had the procedure done and it was at that point i made the decision that this was something i wanted to have done.  everytime i would start the process something would come up and i would be unable to see the surgeon for a consultation. it was everything from one insurance company (my husbands) wouldnt cover the procedure so i had to wait until open enrollment with mine. then, my hubby got laid off and we couldnt afford copays with my insurance to go. i was so frustrated and sure that it was never going to happen. but finally all the pieces just started to fall in line like it was something that was meant to happen. now, here i am a few weeks away and im so sure something is going to happen to keep me from having surgery done. hopefully know the time will go by quickly until december 19th gets here. i really hope to get all my christmas shopping done before i have to go into the hospital.

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