Quick Update!!

Oct 10, 2008

Just a quick update.. My weight is still holding between 150 and 155.. Which really makes me sad.. I am trying to get down to 110lbs.. That is my ultimate goal.. I want to do it!!!!!  I'm still working night shift as a nurse in a geriatric pshyc ward and it is really boring some nights as we have to sit out in the hallway and watch people sleep.. But there is some nights that all the patients are going crazy.. What I'm getting to about night shift is that I don't get to much exercise.. I work 12 hour shifts and have to go home and go straight to bed in order to get my kids off the school bus in the afternoons..   I am so praying for a day shift to come available soon somewhere... M-F 8-5 would be GREAT!!!!!  So keep me in your prayers for a day job to open sooooooooooon!!!!

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