12/01/06  Well, I am now three weeks post op and I have lost 30 pounds.  I feel great and I can't believe the weight has came off this fast.  Everyone tells me they can really tell in my face but I can't tell yet. 

I had some regrets for a few days after the surgery.  I felt like crap and couldn't move very fast.  I had a lot of pain with the gas and I thought I would die.  Had to sleep sitting up in the recliner and the dogs next door would not quit barking...But things are better now.  It was a relief to finally get the staples out too.  All for now


February 10, 2007:  Today is my 3 month surgiversary and I have lost 64 pounds.  So hard to believe.  I am in smaller clothes and I am loving that.  I feel great.  I get up early now on weekends and work around the house where I used to sleep all weekend.  All for now. 

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