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"My first meeting with Dr. Graber was at a seminar he held at the Tanglewood Community Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. The meeting was informative and informal, almost casual in the way he led the discussion as if he was having a conversation with a group of 90 strangers. He answered concerns, questions and made me feel comfortable in his knowledge of taking care of bariatric patients. His staff that he brought with him was knowledgeable and friendly. I spoke to him one on one before the meeting ended, and again he answered my questions and concerns. I met with another surgeon in Canada before going for my consultation with Dr. Graber, and the differences in making the patient educated, at ease and comfortable were what made me choose Dr. Graber besides my confidence in his surgery stats. His clinic has gone above and beyond my expectations in helping me get from point A to B in my surgery journey. Lisa, his patient education nurse, was thorough in going over information to make my decision for surgery, she outlined the risks, the possibilities and the potential for the healthier me I've always wanted. She put my family at ease, and then Dr. Graber went over the surgery information, forms, risks, and even my responsibilities in being his patient. I felt like I could really talk to him, that he was approachable and that his staff would also do their best to help me along the way. I truly believe anyone can be a doctor if they study hard and practice through their training, but besides surgical competence, a doctor without a bedside manner is not someone I feel comfortable with. I really don't have anything negative to say, I am having surgery on Friday, August 8th, 2008, so perhaps I will have more thoughts afterwards. Thanks :)"
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