The scales have finally moved again!

May 03, 2009

After nearly 3 weeks of fighting a pound back and forth the scales officially moved today and I lost 3 lbs!  I'm so happy! Down to 343lbs now.

Also, as of next Tuesday I'm officially onto the soft foods stage (can have Melba toast as snacks too which is awesome) but I made an executive decision and started last night with some of the softer food (eggs, very moist chicken, pork and soft green beans etc) and I think this has helped the scales move too.  I figured starting a few days early won't kill me and frankly I felt far better for it.

Let me tell you that first real "meal" after what, nearly seven weeks, was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  It was just a wee bit of roast chicken and little bit of pork sausage bbqd and some herbed green beans (all still under 4oz) and it was soooo freaking good, I kid you not.  I thought my mouth was going to explode.  I won't make a habit with the pork sausage tho bc of the fat but pork is allowed at least.  I chewed the heck out of pea sized pieces tho!

This morning I had some scrambled eggs courtesy of hubby they were pretty tasty too. 


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