Weight has always been a problem for me - even when I was thin it was a problem. I was always an overweight child but I took comfort that there was another girl in my class that was fat! I remember filling bags with penny candy and eating Hostess cupcakes before dinner. I was always willing to run to the store for my mom before dinner because I could sneak a snack. The first time I lost weight was in college and to this day I don't remember how I did it. I was a size 12 when I got married but quickly gained 50 pounds and had to move the weight over to the 200 slot on the scale!! I was able to lose 30 pounds with the help of diet pills then got pregnant. For the next 6 years I battled with about 40 pounds. After my second child was born I lost my weight and went to work for a weight loss company - like an alocoholic working in a bar. I had so many eating issues but never really dealt with them. I would gain and lose 10 - 15 pounds but never really learned how to maintain my weight. In the last 10 years my weight has been creeping and leaping until even I have to acknowledge that I need help. So on July 10 I will be having a vertical gastrectomy. I know there will be some hard times but mostly I'm looking forward to all the things I will be able to do without all the extra weight.

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