Victoria B. 19 years, 10 months ago

Ken Krogman: I'll be praying very hard for you tomorrow and all week long.. You have struggled silently throughout this whole waiting game and jumping through all the hoops.. You have only one last hurdle tomorrow, and I'm so very pleased now that it's your turn to step to the other side of a new life.. Please know that I will have you in my thoughts no matter where I'm at..Hurry back to us here at AMOS... Walk as soon as your surgeon permits and drink lots of water.... (((((hugs))) for a better tomorrow...

darkbrowngirl2003 19 years, 10 months ago

Hi Ken, We are going into this together tomorrow, I will say a prayer for you, and make sure you come back and let your AMOS Family know how you are doing. WE CAN AND WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH. Charlene

Chantee R. 19 years, 10 months ago

Good Luck tomorrow on your surgery. I know you have waited longed enough and now it is finally here. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Robert M. 19 years, 10 months ago

As we each have our surgeries this Monday, you will be in my prayers as well as the prayers of a congregation of people for whom I am their minister. God bless you.

jeannie O. 19 years, 10 months ago

hi Ken, praying for a safe & speedy recovery for you, hug,

Cheryl S. 19 years, 10 months ago

Well Ken its almost here. Good luck to you as you embark on a whole new life. We will be patiently waiting to hear of your fantastic progress. I'll be praying for you in the meantime....

Rev. VaLinda H. 19 years, 10 months ago

Ken, just wanted you to now how thrilled I was to get your email letting me know you had finally been approved!! You can be rest assured in a very short while it is going to be worth the wait :o)!! You are in our prayers and YES, you DO have angels by your side o:o)!!! Lord bless and keep you!! See you on the other side!!

Lynn K. 19 years, 10 months ago

Ken, best of luck with your upcoming surgery day! It has been a long time coming for you, and I hope you will find it has been worth the wait. We will all be waiting anxiously to see you online again, and hear your surgery story.

C S. 19 years, 10 months ago

Hi Ken , I just wanted to wish you good luck on your upcoming surgery and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Anita S. 19 years, 10 months ago

Best of luck Ken on your upcoming surgery. Your new healthy life will be starting soon. Wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery too.
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