16 Month Post Op

Apr 29, 2008

Ok, so I have been REALLY bad about posting updates.  Haven't posted a thing since 4 weeks after surgery.  So let's catch up.

Started out at 220, size 16/18 44.5% body fat.

Obtained goal around September 2007 about 9 months after surgery.

Lost 85 pounds.  Current weight 135 pounds.  23% body fat.  I can wear almost any size 4 pants/dress off the rack...even size 2 in a few dresses.

I have lost over 100 inches with major areas as follows (beginning/current/lost)

Waist 44/28/-16
Neck 15/12/-3
Thighs 26.5/20/-6.5
Hips 46/34/-12
Bust 45/34/-11

I religiously weighed and measured my food for the first three months.  After my 4th fill I reached the point I don't need to measure and weigh,I eat until I am comfortably full.  Never overstuff, never to the point of throwing up, but just until I am satisfied.  I barely think about food now, eat when I am hungry and I don't when I am not.  I have eliminating snacking and only eat at meal time.

I have become addicted to exercise, I love to lift weights and even run (ok I don't really LOVE to run, but I do it!)  I have more energy than I did when I was in my teens and early 20's.


4 Weeks Post Op (January 12, 2007)

Jan 15, 2007

I went for my 4 week post op check up and the doc says I am recovering normally.  I am officially down 28 pounds.  I took all my measurements again and was extremely excited to see that I have lost some inches as well.

 I had a sneaking suspicion as my clothes are finally starting to feel quite loose and I have started to wear my size 14 clothes again.  It’s been some time since I have pulled these pants off the closet shelf!

 I guess I should start with my beginning measurements which were taken the evening before my surgery (Dec 14, 2006):

Neck – 15       
Wrists – 6.5    
Upper arms – 14.5      
Bust (upper) – 45  
Bust (under) – 38.5    
Waist  – 44   
Hips  - 46    
Upper Thigh – 26.5        
Calves – 17 
Ankles – 9

Measurements on January 12, 2007 (4 weeks post op): 
Neck – 14 (-1)            
Wrists – 6.5 (0)           
Upper arms – 14 (-.5) 
Bust (upper) – 43 (-2) 
Bust (under) – 36.5 (-2)          
Waist – 41 (-3)
Hips – 44 (-2) 
Upper Thigh – 25 (-1.5) 
Calves – 15.5 (-1.5)
Ankles – 9 (0)

Total inches (-13) Total weight -28

I have some before pictures that I will someday post, but just not quite ready to show all the world ALL THAT!  They are in the true “Biggest Loser” style with me wearing some tight short shorts and a sports bra.  I will post them when I have some better after shots to compare them with!

I have settled into a nice routine of eating, drinking, increasing exercise.  I have started back on real food and haven’t had any problems so far.  I am not scheduled for my first fill until February 5th so I am not feeling ANY restriction what so ever.  I feel as if I could as much as I wanted, however I have becoming obsessed with weighing and measuring my food as not to over eat.

Weighing and measuring also helps tremendously with getting familiar with what normal portions should look like. 

It’s really weird, but I find myself thinking less and less about food, and more about living the rest of my life. 

I started walking/jogging with my neighbors.  The weather has been so mild that it’s been easy to get outside and move around.

With each passing day, I find myself with more energy, more excitement and more stamina.  I AM SOOO HAPPY I DID THIS!


















Two weeks into new life (Dec 29, 2006)

Dec 28, 2006

I went for my first post-op appointment yesterday.  The doc said all is well and healing nicely.  I can move onto the soft pureed stage of the recovery diet.  YAY!  How sad is that to be so excited about eating a tablespoon of cottage cheese?!?

It was a wonderful breakfast though, nice to have something other than a protein shake (although I did have that first).  I was amazed that just a couple of really small bites actually filled me up.

My incisions look great.  I was worried about the largest one around the port site, but when the doc removed the steri-strip, I was amazed how clean and small it looked.  It should heal to just a small line.  That's great because I 100% believe I will wear a two-piece bathing suit this summer!!

According the to the Dr. scale (which I am considering acurate) I am down 20 pounds from my first consulation visit just about two months ago.  That includes the 7-8 pounds l lost on the week long pre-op liquid diet.

I am scheduled for my first fill on Feb 5th.

I am trying to increase my activity everyday.  Went shopping for a few hours yesterday and that seemed to be a pretty good "work out" for me at this point.

Day 8 and feeling GREAT! (December 23, 2006)

Dec 23, 2006

Many days since my last posting.  That was 10 days pre-op and now I am 8 days post op.  Let's break it down by day:

Night of surgery - felt like crap, very sore, although it was all to be expected, I did just undergo surgery!

1 day out -Day after surgery - came home, don't feel great, but LOVE Vicodin and took it every 4 hours (just like the doc said!) and that makes things, like my husband and children more tolerable! (ha!)

2 days out - feeling a lot better,so much better that I decided to have my parents and my little brothers over for dinner.  My husband did most of the cooking but I did stand and was up and down many times (too many times I am sure) but it was nice to see them before they go away for the holidays and rest their minds that I am ok!

3 days out - bad, bad, bad day.  Feelings of regret, feeling weepy and emotional all day, "Why did I do this?" thoughts most of the day.  Vocodin helped the attitude a bit, but overall not a great day.  Do you think having people over for dinner was too much the second day after surgery...um yes!!

4 days out - WOW, what a good night sleep and 24 hours can do to a person.  No regrets, feeling so much better today.  Even went and got a haircut today (of course I didn't drive!) and even stopped by the mall for a quick last minute gift.

5 days out - ok so this seems to be a trend forming.  Feel good one day, do too much and feel like crap the next day.  Why can't I just sit around and recoup?!?  Not a great day for me, but at least I'm not in tears.  The pain is manageable, I am sticking to the ever so boring liquid diet, not one little bite or cheat.

6 days out - MUCH better than yesterday!  Drove myself to the post office to get those last minute cards out. That was harder than I thought.  Came home and took a 30 minute nap to recover from the 15 mile trip! ha!  No pain meds today of any kind.  Moved from sleeping in the recliner in the family room to MY bed again.  YAY!

7 days out - first week behind me!  Today is the best day so far.  Even got out of my elastic waist pants and put my jeans on today, although only for a couple of hours.  My husband was excited to come home from work and find me in something other than PJ's!  

8 days out (today) December 23rd - Everyday is better than the one before.  I dared to get on the scale today and can it be true??  TEN POUNDS in a week???  WOW, I am so happy!  That moment made all the pain of the first few days just melt away.  I don't notice much if any difference in my jeans, my stomach is still pretty swollen BUT I did have tighten my bra quite a bit (already need a new one???)

GOOD TIMES AHEAD!  I am so happy I did this and 2007 is going to be a wonderful year for me!!

10 Days & Counting (December 5, 2006)

Dec 05, 2006

10 more days until my surgery.  Some feelings and thoughts I am having today.

Excited, nervous, anxious, scared, joy...the whole range of emotions.  I know in my heart this is the right decision and best option for me in order to live the rest of my life at a "normal", healthy weight. 

I have completed ALL that is required to have the surgery.  
· Psych evaluation – passed, I’m not crazy (regardless of what my friends and family might say!) 
Nutritionist counseling – completed.  I have purchased all my supplements, shakes, broths and food for 1 week pre-opt and two weeks post op. 
·          Bloodwork, EKG – all good except for my out of control cholesterol (285).  Hopefully this will come down after?? 
·          Insurance – denied.  My lovely insurance company doesn’t cover any WLS for ANY reason or situation. 
·          Financing – approved.  Expensive?  Yep, but I’ve paid twice as much for vehicles in the past that only last 5-7 years and this IS the rest of my life, right?!? 

Things I am looking forward to after I achieve my goal: 
·          Wind between my thighs! 
Waving with only my hand and not my fatty upper arms 
stamina to keep up with my active kids and husband 
weighing less than my husband 
·          not sitting in the back of the canoe as the "anchor" 

Things I WON'T miss: 
·        Multiple tan lines under my multiple chins
Size 18 jeans 
Worrying about diabetes and other obesity issues



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