Robert Brolin

"Dr. Brolin is very competent, dedicated to WLS. His demeanor is soft and quiet. He is straight forward and to the point. I found him to be very knowledgeable and he is very experienced, that is what I was looking for in a surgeon. The office staff is superb. They are all very caring and know exactly what their jobs are. Dr. Brolin had 2 assistants with him during surgery, Dr. Pel a fellow and Dr. Najirian. They were both wonderful. My initial consult was with Dr. Pel and Dr. Brolin. They held nothing back and gave my husband and I all the info they had, pros and cons. Our questions were answered even though some of the answers were scary, but Dr. Brolin does not sugar-coat anything. That is what I like about him as I am also a straight forward, reserved type, so we hit it off. I believe surgical competence is the most important part of this surgery. Dr. Brolin is the best and I would recommend him highly."

University of Princeton Medical Center (COE)

"If there is one thing I should comment on that is the noise factor. Environmental services and others are not considerate of patients in their rooms. They go about their daily routine, even in the middle of the night, as if its their right and to hell with everyone else."
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