Plastics 2/27/09 Finished!

Mar 09, 2009

Update: I'm 5 days out today...2/27 LBL.  I did great, said I lost very little blood at all, pressure was normal and all went really smoothly, only took 5 hours as opposed to scheduled 6!  I love my results already, still swollen (pics on profile for friends) and of course it looks yuck still.

Went for checkup yesterday and he removed the 2 pubic drains (thank GOD!) but still the ones in the back are like at 90 or so output in 24 hours, so we will check them again on Monday.  OnQ came out yesterday and boy can I tell a huge difference - even if you can't afford the $350ish, find a way!

I'm tight but so far not had any trouble (except right out of bed) where I am slumped over and can't stand straight...I can feel tightness in my back today definitely.  Burning and stinging where nerves are awakening.

Wierd thing is I could feel my heartbeat in my tummy today...and oh the muscle spasms.  But so far, really not too many complaints.  Sleeping a lot, overdid it a bit with trying to be social with my mom and roommate and lying a couch instead of bed - bad move for me. 

Legs feel somewhat numb from sitting so I'll keep this more short than anticipated.  Dr L took 7 lbs off me of skin and fat, more lipo on upper under breasts (don't know measurement) and at the widest part of my tummy he corsited it 7 inches.  OUCH- yeah tight but fantastic too.  Day of surgery I weighed in on hospital scales at I'm at 164, yeah I know I shouldn't weigh but its me, what can I say!  I also love that it reset the hunger for me, I'm so back to vsg levels and that restriction from the tuck is such a great thing.  More later when I can stand being up for dilaudid and a nap.

Thanks for everyone's help.   
  Thanks for the birthday wishes -   I love yall, I've been off the boards a bit since I had PS - LBL last friday....boy its rough but completely worth it.

I have pics posted for friends if you want to look - these were day 2 and 4 after surgery - haven't done too many since cause the swelling set in.  Its going down a little by little each day.  I have only 1 drain left and its way producing now!  It may come out on day 10 (monday) but we'll see.

I'm so happy with my results - he took 7 lbs off my tummy and corsetted me 7 inches at the widest spot.  Butt is not augmented but lifted and I love it too!

So happy and have lost 13 lbs since day of surgery...2 lbs from my low weight of 157!!!  I'm so happy right now and the renewed restriction is wonderful too!  I'm still swollen so I am hopeful to get closer to my goal weight of 140...


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