Well... i realized that i havent had any posts here... I thought i had put some information at one point but apparently not, so heres my story for those that care to read!

as of this date, i am 22 years old. i am currently in Orlando, FL attending the University of Central Florida studying for Business Administration with a focus in management.

weight has been an issue in my family for all of my life. my grandmother on my fathers side was heavy, my father is heavy, my late oldest brother was the heaviest, and my little sister is battling a weight problem, and winning -- shes a competition swimmer! i found this website after my brother passed away, he didnt tell me he was having surgery, but i woke up to a message on AIM from him "having surgery today, i love you." he had a RNY, and died a few days later due to complications unknown that resulted in a heart attack. i came on and thanked everyone for their posts.

i was to be honest, scared shitless of the surgery... but, im a gymgoer, and when i lose weight, unfortunately it comes back on... in the past few years, i have taken the initiative to eat healthier than i used to -- still weight wont stay off though, i blame my portion control :|

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