hello?am i still here?!

May 20, 2009

ok so.. man i suck at updating this... im just never around.

anyway, to date ive lost 96.4 pounds with both nutrisystem and exerciseing alone! how bout THEM apples?!?! i still have a ways to go, but i'm doing something a lot of people in chat told me i'd never be able to do -- heck, something i told myself i'd never be able to do.

im so active, i love it! i work out almost 6 days a week if i can... i do pool workouts, i cycle, i run, i lift, i do ellipticals... everything... few fun facts bout my last year?

ive fallen off my diet and gained 29 pounds back and lost them and then some -- whoops!

i did a 100 mile bike race (yes, at one time, and yes, on a pedal bike)

im training to climb mt kilimanjaro! 

now... i dont want to steal anyones glory about WLS, but if you are considering it and find my page somehow, and want to try Nutrisyste or ask me questions about it, do it! what do you have to lose? email me... ctufano(at)gmail.com

i dont check here much, so dont bother messagin me with questions lol, youll probably decide to have surgery and get it done before i respond on here ;)

havent wrote in a while, so heres the scoop as of now

Feb 19, 2008

Well, this will be my first page update since starting Nutrisystem 32 days ago! Things have been wonderful, I cannot be more happy with the progress I have made, well, maybe a little? So far I am down 22.6 pounds! I could probably be close to 30 but I've had a few hiccups as I've been on my journey so far... At the beginning, I still had cravings for fast food, but those have gone away almost completely.. I try to make sure I wont get hungry if I have to go run errands, and if I do, and I HAVE to eat, I try to find something healthy, like a bag of soy chips since those are my favorite NS snacks! YUMMO!

I have gone out to eat a few times, and it messes me up. Last week was at 288, but then ended up at 291 and am now back at 288, so, gotta stay focused. I am anxious to put up new pictures on here of my progress, and I wanted to do it when I got to 275 however I may have to give in at 280, but dunno yet! Somethin really great happened the other day, was walkin back from class and saw a brother from the fraternity, and he didnt even recognize me until I said somethin to him, at which point he got all excited and was talkin about how he thought it was me but wasnt sure cuz it looked like me but am smaller than he remembered, and he even told some brothers about it all. So, that made me feel really good :)

Basically I could not be happier with Nutrisystem. I have been getting many compliments and feeling great!  Basically, the program of nutrisystem can either work not work, its simple. If you want it to work and put in effort with exercise and discipline of not eating the wrong foods, you WILL loose weight. Its the problem when people stop using the system when they reach their goal, they were unsuccessful at learning the right and healthy habits of what to eat, when to eat, and HOW MUCH!  If you can understand and learn those things, you will have life long success!

If you are interested in giving Nutrisystem a shot, or have questions, PLEASE contact me! I can give you all kinda of information and talk to you more about my story and journey, and even a $30 coupon for your first order if you want to try!

Talk to ya soon and see ya in chat!

Oh, and new pics coming soon, once I reach 275!

Sort of a new approach on life and stuff?

Aug 24, 2007

Well, as most of my posts start out... "a lot has happened lately...'

At this time in my life, I can honestly say I am genuinely happy. I finished my summer semesters with all Bs, so now i have a one more year and i will graduate from the university.

I really got my hopes up for a WLS, however, for the time being I am feeling i dont even need it! With little effort, and moderate determination to become more healthier, I have done just that. I sadly have to admit i have not hit the gym in many months, but very happily i will let you know I have lost 53 pounds total, in around 9 months. All I have done is corrected my eating habits. I dont cook in vegetable oil... I dont use lots of dressings etc. I cook with LOTS of olive oil and spices and rubs, and lots of chicken (almost every night). I dont drink orange juice, too much sugar. I drink LOTS of water. I eat a lot of apples and grapes and celery! OOO, and lots of greek peppers (pepperocinnis).  I also eat mcdonalds on occassion, becuase if you have a crave, youre goin to give in most likely, atleast control it. I dont eat fast food as often as I do. Oh, and I also dont drink any soda, unless i get fast food. I even eat bread... WHITE bread!

Anyway, if you take the time to realize all the crap you put in your body, youll notice you snack on some bad stuff, or indulge in other things not so great. Just give those up, and see what happens. its that easy.

I still eat happily, i dont skimp portions... I just eat right :)

Now, i will start at the gym, and drop even more weight woohoo! Goin to start with a personal trainer soon, so that should be good. I forsee a lot of bicycling in my future!

I have also been talkin to a few girlssss (aside from my OH Chatroom girls haha) so thats been great too.

Glad school is back, cant wait to kick ass in that as well.

been a couple weeks or so

Jul 22, 2007

Well, a lot has happened, kind of, in the past couple of weeks.

My last summer semester is coming to a conclusion, making decent grades so thats good.

Unfortunately, my aunt passed away... She was an amazing woman, it saddens me not having gotten a chance to spend a lot of time with her, like i would have enjoyed... it sucks living so far from a lot (all) of my extended family (they are in NY and I'm in Florida/GA). She battled cancer, and it won... Cancer is a huge problem for my family, it has taken two aunts and both grandparents... its a horrible thing.. so, it will be one of my biggest things to watch for after i get my comorbs gone after WLS.

I went to NY for the service, and on the way home my father and I talked a little about me having a gastric bypass.. It really was not the place I wanted to have the discussion, sitting in the terminal waiting to board a plane, surrounded by skinny nosey people probably listening in to a fat kid talk about his life... But, I did talk some about it with him, quietly... I definately feel a sense of him being unsettled by the thought of his next son getting the surgery, after having his first. And i completely agree. He explained that lots of people end up in caskets after the surgery, but i explained that i am in much better health overall than those people, including my brother. He asked what my doctor thinks about it, and i told him i havent really expressed any of the information with her, because the last time i bothered the doctor had no clue about it and in result i lost interest in pursuing it. I explained that the insurance does not cover it, and told him the costs -- understandably, he didnt like the price tag of $23,550... I dont either. I also told him a top surgeon in mexico does it for 12,500, but he didnt make an acknowlegement of that fact. he said that it is the easy way out, and i always try to defend the surgeon and say that it isnt, because its not, but in a way, it IS. because once you have it, you are given such a powerful tool that success is pretty much inevitable, even if its losing only some of the weight, it WILL be done, and can be completely beneficial. i tried to explain this as well... my step mom and lil bro and sis kept coming going, and i really appreciated the fact he understands that i dont want to discuss it in front of her or them, so he would say nothing about it until they walked off again. that meant a lot.

he said i should try taking pills to do it... and he can tell i wasnt really interested... i explaiend that i have done enough research to know that they dont produce results, and he said they do, but that people just put the weight back on... i said nothing, but thats a problem in itself. i dont want to lose weight and put it on, over and over... thats not a way to live.

i told him i would go see my doctor and get any information, he said he would even come with me to my doctor to talk about other alternatives. a few minutes later, he said we will have to figure something out, because he could tell that i have set my mind on it. i emailed him a little bit ago letting him know that if he decides to help me financially, that it is deductable on his taxes so long as he claims me.

we didnt talk any more about it, and hopefully we will this week... i just hope i can show him that this is what i really want, but he said "this is all deja vu" because of how my brother did it... had to pay for it.. explaiend he had done his research... but i am doin this in much better shape... im very confident in that i wont die from the surgery. im even more confident i wont live either if i dont get it, atleast, not like a person should or as long.

will keep you updated.

I am becoming closer and closer to make a decision!

Jun 23, 2007

Well, Since the last post and before I have been doing large amounts of research... In all sorts of insurance companies.. if i can buy a plan with them, and get WLS, if i can get a job with an employeer who covers WLS, and all have proved unavailable, unfortunately.

My next step, was to consider all my alternatives. i began looking to Mexico, and found some what seem to be sound surgeons there, and contacted different offices, contacted patients of different surgeons, and overall was pleased with what i found about a few (Dr Joya in particular). However, theres just SOMETHIN about going to Mexico im not comfortable with.. Probably the fact the surgeon is SO far away?

So i have tlked with MANY of my new friends on the chatroom, and some of their surgeons in the US offer deals as well, at a reasonable price. However, again, they are just so far away from Florida... I dont know why i havent considered it before, but my mother asked if i had looked at surgeons in georgia, and i had not, at all. so i have a list of the better surgeons listed in Georgia on this website, and will be calling them for some information on Monday and Tuesday.

Today i went to my first WLS seminar with Dr. Jawads office. I was told,and figured,i would know most of the information that would be presented, however i did learn a few new things, and it was nice to HEAR them, rather than READ them, and be explained the surgery and information from an actual surgeon (no offense guys, just reassuring :) I asked bunches of questions... about drinking, diving, complications, how to avoid stuff, etc, and really liked what i heard. -- all regarding LAP RNY. To be honest though, i felt bad... I dont feel that i look like i weigh 320lb... I feel like just an "overweight" guy, but i know i am more than that... but i think my clothes hide it, or maybe i just feel that way? but there were much heavier people in there than i. and some of them, even said they want lapband because they dont want to lose all the weight -- that i did NOT understand... i got to sit next to a lady who was one of Dr Jawads LAPRNY patients from 2 years ago, and as he talked if i had a question she helped me out with them (G Tubes and stuff).

so, hopefully later this week i will have decided on a surgeon. i dont mind atlanta, its still a little far, but, its still home to me, and i can recoup at my mothers if i need to.

once i chose a surgeon, i will schedule a consultation (or contact for what tests i need to have) and being doing those. im dreading a physical, because i hear i just reached the age of getting my prostate checked. hah, im going to find a new doctor for this, and go to him for it, and then NEVER return, i couldnt hold face to a man who has stuck a finger in my butt... just cant.

hopefully i'll be getting a scheduled date for the surgery within the next 1-3 months. for those who think i am rushing this, i am not. i have considered this surgery and reasearched it on off for about 2 years now. im just maning up now :)

so wish me luck! i feel so great about this.. and thank you to all my new friends in the chatroom, you have helped me more than you could ever know --- practically turned me into a prof regarding WLS haha

June 19 07

Jun 19, 2007

today i am beginning the hesitant steps to the beginning of my new life. i called my insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida to find they do not cover WLS, so i will have to pay for it all with cash -- which is apparently 15-17k dollars. ---but whats the value of my life you ask? well, its more than 17k dollars, thats for damn sure.

so on saturday i am going to a free seminar hosted by Dr Jawad in Kissimee florida to get more information and ask any questions i have.

have a drink for me and my success on my new life!

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